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I struggle with depression and i suspect i have a fairly serious problem with anxiety too. What happends is that i am capable of imagining painfull scenarios in my head often related to my life, and eventhough i am fully aware of those only being my own fantasy, i feel real emotional pain, and i sort of clunch my muscles really hard and close my eyes, to sort of shut myself off from my brain somehow.

Its pretty hard to describe, because some of the descriptions of anxiety ive read earlier (long time ago mind you) i can vaguely remember didnt quite fit with what i experience. Now i know there are alot of kinds, so i suspect that i have some form of it or something related to it, and of course it works differently on everyone.

I often just sit and daydream and then i realise how hurtfull a certain scenario would be and then it just sort of hits me and for some seconds i am in someways out of control. I know its hard to understand all this, but its pretty hard to explain too :/

Any thoughts, advice, and comments would be greatly appreciated. :)


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Have you spoken to a doctor about your feelings? There are many medications for anxiety, ones which have fewer side effects than before...I am on a medication that really helped me...please talk to someone and see what can be done both through talk therapy and medication...J
Thank you for youre response!
Ive sent a letter to the ppt service, wich is a helpthingy in norway for younger people with mental difficulties, but it will take months before any response will be given. May i ask what medication youre on? :)
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