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Soi finally went out of my house to a place about an hour away but i was freaking out the whole time about leaving my dogs home alone. I thought maybe i left the gas on or burglars would come. It always happens when i know no one is at the house with them. I really wanted to just turn around and not go. Is this anxiety or whats wrong with me? Its the only time i freak out and get nervous.


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Maybe instead of going to the park you could go for a nice walk..You still get to see nature and the exercise helps with depression.. You also can take short walks or long ones it is up to you..


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Anxiety works in many forms depending on the person. But yes, it does seem like there some anxiety and/or paranoia. I'm usually at home because of anxiety, but for different reasons. I don't have any pets or anyone to "leave home". Have you talked to someone about this? And how longs it beeing going on. Anxiety can be very treadeble if you get the help.

You can also drop me a messege or a pm, it might help to just talk about it
Havent talked to my therapist yet but i will this saturday. Been meaning to get out and walk more as i was excited to but i think depression hit as i havent done anything useful in days. Today i will try to go walk.. Might be onto something with paranoia though because i keep thinking i'll get mugged if i go alone on a walk.


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I have the exact same thoughts, both when in and out of the house and especially at night time. My guess would be it has something to do with paranoia, like revoltra said. Definitely talk to your therapist about it, and also, are you on any meds? I got put on medication for my anxiety & depression and noticed that my extreme thoughts such as those you mentioned have lessened considerably since.
Yeah but i dont wanna go in asking for pills. Maybe just an as needed pill - not everyday. My medication appt is this coming monday so i'll try to bring it up i just hope he listens to me now that its been more than a month and the pills i'm on arent working.


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Why don't you want to ask for pills? You don't need to ask anyway.. just say something like, "The pills I'm on aren't having any kind of effect on me, maybe we should try something else?".

I'm not sure if they do an 'as needed' pill. I think most pills require you to take them consecutively for two weeks before they start having an effect anyway, and to suddenly stop taking them can be quite dangerous depending on the dosage.

It's unhealthy to stay inside so much and taking pills that are effective against your depression/anxiety/paranoia will make it much easier for you to leave the house more often and not feel so frightened at just the prospect of it. I used to stay in my room 24/7 for so long, not even considering leaving the house; now I've been on my pills for a substantial amount of time I'm far more relaxed when it comes to leaving the house and don't avoid it as much as I once did. If I only took my pills on the days I had to leave the house, then it'd just stop me from feeling anxious/paranoid on that day.. where in actual fact you need to aim to not feel that anxious/paranoid every day.

I hope I made sense.
That makes a lot of sense :)

I just hate asking for drugs becsuse i feel like theyll see me as someone who is only looking for a high or something. But the way you said it makes it different, like i need them to function properly. Which is true. I wasnt happy at all when i had to leave my dogs alone or knew no one was at my house. I want to leave my house more and not freak out so much.


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I'm sure they won't think that, though I know that saying that doesn't make the worry any less substantial. As long as you make it clear to them that you'd like to try out some different pills, or perhaps a higher dosage of pills (as mine didn't have an effect til I was put on 30mg a day while I started at 10mg) because you're still feeling the same as you did to start with, then they should be happy to do so. =)

Good luck with it and don't worry too much. If they really were worried that you were just looking for a high then they wouldn't have given you any meds in the first place.

If you ever need to talk about dealing with the anxiety and paranoia or anything else, feel free to PM me anytime! I kinda know what you're going through to an extent and might be able to help out or at least lend an ear. :smile:
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