Anxious, freaked out and cannot sleep!

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Ok well I was a bit of a silly billy today. I got my days for my appointment with my CPN mixed up. I thought it was today but it is tomorrow. I get extremely anxious and worked up over the appointments and had anxiety attacks most of the day. I tried to be productive aand went on a website of mine and made graphics and layouts with css. I kept seeing people outside my house. I looked out my patio door and there was a person there then when I looked again they werw gone. The same with the front door. I have seen some odd shadows also. I have been hearing cars pull up outside my house and onto my drive but when I look there is nothing there. Also I had another experience with my fiance tonight. He was fast aslwep and snoring and I was sure his eyes were wide open. They were not normal. They were big black eyes like something you would see from the grudge. I cant work out if this is real, hallucinations or if I am imagining it all. I have never experienced this before and I am quite freaked out. My mind is racing and I cant sleep. Meep. I think I will tell my CPN tomorrow but I am so scared.


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Please be truthful to him/her and get the care you sound like you are spinning and trying to release some of the anxiety, ergo the delusions...I have done the same myself...when I was at my wits end, I saw bugs everywhere, but after a while I knew it was my mind on overload, so it wasn't so scary...hope you advocate for deserve to feel better...big hugs and thinking about you...J


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Hi Lexi,

I hope you tell your CPN what you're telling us here about going through. I bet she/he has your best interests at heart.

Take care,


P.S. Be sure to tell us how your appointment goes. :hug:
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