any advice on telling your story please???

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i have started seeing a psychologist, and i know i am going to have to tell her what happened in my child-hood that has made life so unbearable. at the moment i dont feel i can. im not sure i can trust her, my paranoia is very strong. i am so embarrased and ashamed, that it's going to be difficult. i feel like it is admitting to commiting a crime or something like that. there is the counsellor who i trust more, and she has advised me to start talking. as i am also on a time frame due to reasons i have no control of. i have decided to start writing it down. my story, as i like to call it. i have just written some now, no great detail, but it was the beginning of the story. i felt physically sick, and i felt like i was going to cry, but i tried my best not to (as i dont like crying). does anyone have any advice from your experience of telling your story of how to go about telling it, who u told first, the after effects???? this is the beginning for me and its not going aswell as i would have hoped. i didnt think it would effect me this bad. it makes it so real. thanks.

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Hun the councillor will ask you questions you can be honest and just say your past you were abused therapist will help you okay I think it is better actually to wait until the therapist is with you before dwelling on the past therapist will help you in a controlled way okay so you do not feel overwhelmed You don't have to worry if therapist is good he or she will get you to open up hugs.

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Well I haven't told my story to anyone(technically but we won't go into it)), but if I had to I would find it easy if you haven't already, to post it here.

Because everything is easier with practice so maybe it will make it easier to tell her if you tell it to someone else first.
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