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Any Aussies In Da House?

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I know Allo is an aussie, a taswegian girl. Tassie is a beautiful place btw...if anyone gets a chance..go visit!

But are there any others aside from Allo and myself?

Add your details (whatever you feel comfortable with) to this thread....cause inquiring minds want to know! :smile:

Ill kick it off...


Disorders - Anxiety, Soc Anx, Obs Compulsive Issues, Depression


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I sure am! and Tassie is the BOMB!!! Its so beautiful down here =) hehe Lol..

Im: Young/Female/TAS!/Single

Disorders: ... none... that i know of...

Take care all! hope to laern more about you =)

Ally _%


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Lol! NZ is pretty much part of Aussie.
Apart from when The All Blacks are involved I love Australia. You guys are really lucky to live there :tongue:


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Sorry about the late reply dude.

17 (18 in a few days)/Male/Vic/Long distance relationship

Disorders; (Mild case of) Asperga's Syndrome.
Conditions: I've gone past depression, I'm at despondency. I have misanthropic and nihilistic tendencies (but am neither a fully-fledged misanthrope nor nihilist). I also exhibit a small amount tendencies of Tourette's/ADD and OCD, but have been diagnosed with none of these formally.

I do love Australia with a passion, but hate certain groups of people...continuing on may result in a ban, so I'll stop there.

Jas_656: Where abouts from New Zealand are you? I'm half Kiwi (my mum be from Aoteoroa), her family are in Palmerston North (N. Isle).
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