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Any Free Online Counselling

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I seriously doubt it, doctors/counselors need paying so the sites are gonna cost. Best place i've ever found is here, but i dont know if any actual conselors come on here.
Glad you like this place so much h2osmack :)
No, no1, I don't think so...have you tried emailing the Samaritans? That's the closest thing I can think of...there's a link in the links section of our homepage, near the bottom :)
Hope that helps!


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Does anybody know a website where I can get free online counselling with a psychologist?
though i am not a professional psychologist but i have gained insights into the workings of human mind through my own inerest learning and personal life circumstances. i have helped some people here in pakistan and they were apparently very satisfied with my counselling maybe i can help

my email address is stoickyboy@yahoo.com


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Dr. Phil is more of an entertainment program than somewhere to get serious help, to me anyway.
Maybe so but there are forums about mental health and it has fellow sufferer's who are quite sympathetic to our need's and understanding.It's worth a try I thought.
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