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Any good meds against nervousity?

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Hey, I am going to the doctor next week and I am going to ask for some medications against nerve problems. I get EXTREMELY nervous when I have to socialise. Does anyone know about any good meds that will help the situation right now? I dont want meds that need 2 months to work..valium maybe? I have tried truxal but they dont work at all...please any tips on good meds would be much appreciated!


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Ask him about xanax or klonipin.. Most docs won't prescibe valuim..It's a very strong drug and it takes alot to get it prescribed..I asked my doctor to switch me but he told me to talk to my shrink..I felt so embarrased asking him..I will just stick with the xanax..


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I had an incredible instant benefit from Paxil several years ago, but for me it made me suicidal. I was driving down a road and a strong urge to drive head on into a car grabbed me. I was able to resist, and got home and slept about 18 hours. After about a week I felt very good and relaxed. However after about 6 weeks the drug became ineffective to me.

That experience scared me away from meds.

Unfortunately these drugs work differently on us, so its hard to refer. I know I probably need something, but like you I have no clue. Dr's can only tell you drug tendencies. I imagine many of us do more research than the docs.
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