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Hello. I'm new here because I have only just discovered such a place. I'm sure my problems would seem meagre in comparison to some other users, but I have nonetheless become weary of attempting to forge a reasonable life for myself. I am a clear failure on that count, and seek to end the struggle. Only three things prevent me, however. Firstly, I'd prefer a quick and painless 'exit' but do not know the best means, secondly, I have someone acting as guarantor on a sizeable loan (and whose lap my debt will fall in should I 'end it all'), and thirdly, I'm unsure as to where I'd be comfortable for my corpse to be found. If anyone could help or offer any advice on any of these counts, I'd appreciate it.


I can tell you now that no-one is gonna give you advice on "how to do it". This is a "pro-life" site. If you feel there's something you'd rather get-off-your-chest, then please do tell us - sometimes it helps.
hi and welcome to this site!!!
Firstly there is no such thing as a "quick and painless exit". and nothing is gauraneed to work. Most attempts put you in a worse situation then what you start with, they make you feel more depressed and more suicidal.
So i reckon you shouldjust stick around talk to us about whats making you feel the way you do, we wont judge you or anything. we all know how you feel weve all been in that place. pm me if you need to talk
Thank you for your words. I don't really have any one major problem. More just an accumulation of smaller ones which have together worn me down. To be very brief, I'm in rather a lot of debt, I have a soul-destroying (and poorly paid) job but can't get a better one, I have only two friends in the whole world, there are no more people than that who would even notice if I did kill myself, and most of all, I'm 31 but haven't had a girlfriend since I was 16. I'm so desperately lonely, it's driving me insane.

I feel pretty selfish whining about such things that I'm sure effect many other people who do not seek to end their lives. It's just that I've been getting gradually more and more depressed for 15 years or so, and don't think I can take any more. I honestly can't remember the last time I was happy, for any reason, even if just for a few minutes. I am a realistic person, rather than a pessimist, and I forsee only further hardship for the remainder of my life, should I continue it.
"Life is what happen to us while we're planning other things..."
Wise words.
Thing I've come to realise is that nothing ever turns out the way we want them.
Happy people just deal with it and accept life as it comes along.
We on the other hand have trouble getting over these things.
Trust me: I've got something between GAD and OCD, shrink still can't decide what is th closest, so worry is my way of life and I'll probably never know a day in my life without worry.
Point is it's normal. Don't think because other people look happy that they don't worry as well.
Hey, I'm 26 and I've not had a girlfriend since I was like 12 or something.
So what if you can't seem to establish and maintain a long term relationship, the right one is out there waiting for you to come along.
I've had more sadness thatn happiness in the relationships I've had, but I know it's because I've just not met the one.
Well actually I know the one, but she's not availible......
Anyway: take on your problems as they arise and when they past forget about them and don't worry about it happeneing again but at least me smart enough to earn from your mistakes.
As for the lonelyness: I still have no advice cause it's eating me too....let me know if you find a cure.
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