any helpful tips to sleep?

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by deaths destiny, Dec 2, 2006.

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  1. my sleep pattern varies but it's mainly disturbed residing with tossing and turning, waking up a lot and sleeping lightly. i was wondering if anyone had any ways to help as an alternative to sleeping pills. thanks.
  2. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    Having the same problem but did find Nytol at least made me sleep deeper.
  3. i take nytol but try not to regularly coz id go through them too quickly.
  4. bunny

    bunny Staff Alumni

    lavender is meant to help with sleep, you could buy one of those bears stuffed with lavender that you put in the microwave to bring out the sent, or you could just buy some insence oil and put a few drops on your pillow
  5. Will

    Will Staff Alumni

    WOw, that's creative...I should try that, though I guess I'd look a little weird buying a bear or oil, ll. But I just had to say that was really creative.
  6. NoRegrets

    NoRegrets Well-Known Member

    I have had trouble sleeping...

    This has been working for me recently..

    First of all I have to have background noise. My mother and father fought for so many years the quiet scares me.

    I also have to have a dog in the bed.

    I picture myself walking...or I guess just imagine I am, down a road. One that doesn't really change, and eventually I just get bored and sleep.

    But if that doesn't work, then I will grab the sleeping pills. So I guess I'm no help.
  7. nonstopnoise

    nonstopnoise Guest

    i know this feeling.

    You might find that kalms help. They are herbal, so no risk of addiction or anything like that. They have helped me at times of stress.

    There are other things I might suggest had you said you were having problems getting to sleep, such as getting a good solid routine, not stressing about not sleeping, picturing yourself in a white room and inspecting it, drinking warm drinks before bed, having a warm bath before bed, etc, but im not sure any of those might help.

    in your situation i would try kalms, if you can.

    also, is it anything specific that wakes you up? like nightmares? or certain noises or anything? maybe if you could figure out what it is it might help. also, how often do you wake up? the bodies natural sleep rhythm lasts 90 mins, so if you wake up every hour and a half that might be why.

    anyway, good luck
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