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    So, after countless relationships.. and countless failed relationships... I gave up on feeling anything for another human being again. I've been through so much in the past I couldn't handle it... then I meet somone.. it was dumb.. simply because he was online. Half way across the world.. anyway.. We speak to each other play on Xbox Live Webcam ect.. it gets to a point where he says.. "I love you" I feel awsome.. I really do .. I tell him I feel good about us.. I love speaking to him. after that It goes good for another day or two.. then he says a few things that sound really odd. I ask him if he's ok.. he says yes he's fine he's just Jelous I'm way over here.. Next day on Xbox he invites another girl to the voice chat... She sounds really nice and we have good talks about different games.. anyway I had to leave for bed.. I get back on waiting for him the next day.. No appearance.
    He's Blocked me from speaking to him..
    I really don't understand.. It was good.. he was the one who said he loved me..
    Why is nothing simple?

    So Childish I know.. But it's because of this I've not been eating right.. I can't sleep and stupid as it sounds.. my emotions are heywire. -_-

    Sombody help me.
  2. Ldub20

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    Emma, I would talk to this guy if I were you. I've never been in a relationship before and that's killing me. But I think if a chance comes you deserve to take it.
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    Is there another way you can reach him? or maybe make another account and see if he will respond. Best of luck to you.
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    Tbh, if he blocked you on chat, well that just makes me very angry, im usually a calm and sedate person but well there's one thing that really makes me mad its the inappropriate treatment of women from guys. You dont just ignore women, especially ones whom you have struck up a relationship with.

    I do not know the guy, and would not presume to judge the situation, but I would be careful, it could be many things, some of them are perhaps okay but most I can think of are not good and you will only end up getting hurt.

    Personally I would advocate ignoring this guy and seeking someone more deserving of your attention there's plenty of guys out there. Many of whom i am certain would very much appreciate your company.

    Perhaps though he is just going through a tough time and cant deal with things, shutting himself off from the world. Its impossible to tell.

    If you wanted to find out perhaps you could do as suggested and create an alias to investigate the situation anonymously.

    Nothing is really simple because, well, life isnt simple, the human mind is almost impossibly complex, something I feel we can only gain further understanding in, never truly knowing everything.

    I truly hope things go well for you, if you ever need to talk, I will listen.
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    Thank you Dub, Hewwy and witty. all of it was good advice... mabye I will creat another account see whats digging at him. Just so confused after getting out of one nasty relationship.. feeling like heaven just fell on earth with this guy.. and then hit by all this. I hope it's not one of those bad things you mentioned.. Because I've already went through what the worst could be.. and if it happened.. I don't know what I'd do.
    Thanks again. xXx :hugtackles:
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    I'm so sorry this happened to you, Emma. When someone blocks you, it almost always means they no longer want to talk to you, much less have any type of relationship with you. Of course there's the rare exception... but I wouldn't take much stock into someone who lives halfway around the world, who tells lonely,vulnerable girls - who they just play video games with - whatever they want to hear, and then goes on to the next one. This guy was just having fun with you, that's all. I'm sorry, it's a cruel thing to do to someone and I hope it's that rare exception where you were blocked because he actually is interested in pursuing you...... but I hope you feel better and don't stay down about it. He wasn't anybody. Think about it - would someone who cares about you tease you while talking to other gals and then block you with no communication? This is not how men who are interested in women behave. But, again, rare exceptions...

    Sorry Emma. :( :console:
  7. Prinnctopher's Belt

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    I wish I could find him and punch him in the face for you. I could take him down. :boxing:

    I hope you find someone who cares about you and treats you much better than this. :mhmm: