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any ideas?

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by normaljoe, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. normaljoe

    normaljoe Well-Known Member

    currently I have 2 years inside the United States Navy. I have been depressed most my life. before I joined I finally was convinced to go see a psych. and he agreed that leaving the house would help my state of mind. (it didnt do much) I can not see someone about this because I may get kicked out. but I am afraid of what will happen if I do not. If i get kicked out I have no where to go but back home to my abusive father and mother. My resentment of my family wont let me go live with my sister. and my friends back home all stopped talking to me when I left. i guess long distance is too much trouble?...what should I do? do I risk getting kicked out? do I risk my GI bill? do I risk my entire future? would it be better for my mental health if I went back home?
  2. ACPhilosopher

    ACPhilosopher Active Member

    Are you sure you will be kicked out if you ask for help? I thought the armed services were supposed to be changing things due to the high suicide rate in the military. At least I have read some articles to that effect recently.

    I don't think you should even consider going home if your family is toxic to your mental health. You can do anything with your life and have a lot more options than you probably realize. There's a big, wide world out there and many possibilities for building a life you can enjoy. If your biological family is not supportive, you can find people who really do care and make them your chosen family.