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Any INTJs here?

Really want to talk to an INTJ so I would (hopefully) feel less like an alien. Totally lost it today. Back to researching suicide methods and planning. I was doing so well and today I freaking lost it. I have been dealing with the same stupid problems for the past 11+ years now and I have not found a solution, it has wearied me out, I feel like I have no control over my life and it is driving me insane. I am so stressed out; I am EXTREMELY sensitive to noise, and I have been living in NYC for the past 6 years and the noise is just slowly killing me. I am currently living with roommates and have very little privacy, and the noise is not helping. I am not able to move out right now. I hear an ambulance and I want to freaking throw something heavy into a wall - and that's like every 10 minutes sometimes.The other day I had a meltdown on the floor and I punched the floor with my fist so hard I thought I broke a finger, thankfully it was only a bruise.
We have a new roommate (resting bitch face, doesn't say hi like I offended her or something, wtf). Today I meal prepped and went into my room, she went after me, opened my door (!!!!!) and started telling me something about how I am always so noisy when I am in the kitchen - I ignored that and said: what the hell are you doing here and why are you invading my privacy? She left and came back in two minutes, opened my freaking door again (!!!!!!!) and handed me some note she wrote, I didn't even look at her and just flew into an INTJ rage (final stage, HELL FIRE), I told her that this is a private room so why the hell is she barging in like that. She told me to be polite LOL. I finally managed to kick her out but what in the world. It triggered me so much. It made me realize that I am not healthy, I am extremely stressed out, I need privacy and silence and I am not able to get that right now. I am unable to solve my problems or change my situation, and it is slowly killing me. I mean damn...last time I flew into a rage was like 18, and I am 31 now. I am tired of trying to rationalize this stupid world and everything that happens in it. I am tired of dealing with stupid people. Just people in general. I am just so tired. So freaking tired.
Hi. I'm sorry you are feeling so bad at the moment.

Last time I took the Myers-Briggs personality test, I was an INTJ. I am not sure how accurate that result is, but it seems reasonably accurate as I am introverted and most of the time I prefer to use logic rather than feelings. The MBTI has had a lot of criticism in the past, so I would always take the results of the test with a grain of salt.

Sometimes being an INTJ can be frustrating as it often seems like society demands people who are extroverted and driven by feelings rather than introverted, logical types. I also understand wanting to feel "in control" of your life and the stress someone can feel when they aren't. However, there are some upsides to be an INTJ - INTJ has the highest ratio of Mensa applications to the percentage of that personality type in the general population, so I guess we are smart ;).

I am sorry you are struggling with the nosiness of your apartment - I know that must be tough to deal with! Have you ever considered getting a pair of ear defenders to help with the noise? Do you think that might help? I am also sorry you have had a falling out with your roommate - often it can be hard for "extroverts" and other naive people to understand how you are feeling or why you reacted the way you did. It is still possible for your to build some understanding with her if you wanted - maybe writing her a note or trying to explain whatever you are going through and how you are feeling may help her understand the way you reacted and how she can avoid upsetting you in the future.

Have you ever considered therapy? That could help you understand the way you are feeling, how you can deal with it and hopefully reduce your suicidal thoughts.

I hope you can feel better soon. Sending hugs *hug10.


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Hey - I'm not an INTJ, but I do want to say that the way you reacted is totally understandable. I rarely, if ever, explode like that, but if I were in your situation, I can absolutely see myself doing exactly what you did. You're not an alien, trust me - people are too busy focusing on them to think what they're doing might be hurtful or (let's be honest) just plain rude. Nothing riles me up more than bloody rudeness. I hope you find the peace you're looking for.

Sending hugs



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Hi, I'm not INTJ either (took the test just out of curiosity and it says I'm INFJ so, close?) but I can understand being upset at someone invading your privacy like that. Perhaps if you can have a serious chat with her - find out why she thinks your noisy in the kitchen, find out if she's just saying that to you or, perhaps, everyone in which case it's more that she has a problem than anything anyone is doing. Perhaps if she can see that you're taking her concerns seriously, she'll behave more appropriately in the future and realise that being polite is a two way street.

Just a thought.


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Well I wouldn't worry much about the Myers Briggs test, it's nothing more than a fun exercise, just look for people that you can relate to, for example the Myers Briggs test says that I'm equally as likely to be INFP as I am to be INTP, which is weird because one is defined as a person that bases their decisions on empathy and emotional response while the other on logic and philosophical pondering possibly aiming for utilitarianism to the point that neither is particularly compatible and I personally relate to neither and yeah, I took the test again from 2 different sources and still got the same result.

In any case, personally I tend to be very reserved and it's very rare that I have any form of emotional outburst, so it's hard for me to relate to what you describe, but I do understand what it feels to be so tired and done with the world to the point of thinking that being dead would be so nice that you can finally get some rest.

So you know take care and all that and I hope you feel a bit better.

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