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any j rock/visual kei fans on sf ? :wootrock:

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any j rock/visual kei fans on sf ?

i was just wondering if theres any j rock/visual kei fans on sf or am i the only one :wootrock:
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Not so much the visual kei bands but really big fan of J-Rock, few faves of mine:

Number Girl
Judy and Mary
Bugy Craxone
Have you heard Psycho Le Cemu? Or Mix Speakers Inc.?

I'll find a couple videos and put them on here...

Psycho Le Cemu: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsO-EB9EAUg


Mix Speakers Inc. : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSt4LrdR6ew

and then for regular J-Rock you can always go with X-Japan.


nope haven't heard of them thanks for the links though :mushroom:


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I love Dir En Grey and Girugamesh, but that's about all I know of the genre :unsure: That and a few songs by X Japan, the GazettE, Mucc, exist†trace, and L'Arc-en-Ciel

I'll go check out these artists right now :laugh:
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i have very few friends who like j rock or visual kei i guess most people dont know what its about.i got into j rock a few years ago but find it very difficult to find bands i actually like because most of the time all visual kei and j rock seems like nothing but a beauty contest


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I am! not so much visual kei but I don't mind their occassional appearance either.

My favorite bands are L'arc en ciel and UVerworld :)


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I love Mucc but I don't think their very jrockishy..
or not too popular from what I've heard? Anyways I love Mucc (my fav band)
Sora to ito and Libra are good ones from them.
I love Hyde and Larc en ciel. Gackt is okay..
The song Au Revoir from Malice Mizer I like.. I haven't checked them
out to know if I like them yet..T.M. Revolution is good.
Any more recomendations? :333 ill check those links out when
I have an actual computer. :333
Oh Escapism from An cafe is good song too =DDD
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