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Any other members in London?

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A loser

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A while ago, I posted here and found other members who live in London and eventually I got to know one of them and we worked together to resolve some of our problems. Sadly, I have now lost touch with them and as I don't have any family I am now alone again. I'm sure there must be others in the same boat as me and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in working together to make things better. I feel we would have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Sometimes a good friend can make a huge difference.

Kaos General

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i'm from surrey- just outside london:)

nice name wayne- is it by any chance related to the hardcore band?

if so... good on you.

i've a 10 minit megamix- it's so cool
You like angerfist? Damn i thought i was the only one on here who is into hardcore techno :lol!:

Erm i got a link for a set he did in bristol last month if ya want?
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