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Any success stories?

Does anyone ever post about their success? What I mean is there anyone who may have attempted, been on the brink of attempting, etc. and has had success with drugs, therapy....something/anything that has kept them here. I know that they wouldn’t be on the site if they were successful, but was hoping someone would come back and say ‘hey, I am still here, this is what worked’.....looking for a shred of hope, Thank you.


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After my last attempt I got admitted as an inpatient to a psych ward for about a month or so. What helped was being able to go through med adjustments under doctor supervision while I was there. Being able to fall asleep reliably every night thanks to the drugs was nice after having dealt with anxiety-related insomnia for so long. Therapy has never really helped me that much, personally. I do think that some of my interactions with other patients at the hospital led me to understand that I was by no means alone in my struggle with mental health, which gave me a feeling of being understood in turn. Another thing that helped my overall condition was that my boyfriend at that time broke up with me after my attempt (hurt like hell to begin with but now I see that him doing that allowed me to slowly regain my sense of self, as it was not by any means a healthy relationship).

It's been around two years since that last attempt of mine, if my memory is correct.

It wasn't all a sudden improvement. Things would go up and down. I'm not often suicidal anymore, but I know that might change at any point with no warning. I'm just trying to do the best I can, and I've been reasonably lucky so far.


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I first thought about suicide when I was around 10 years old - I didn't even know it had a name at that point. My first attempt was at age 18, then again at 24. Things became a bit more stable for a while but it was always there lingering in the background. I was on several different antidepressants over the years but none seemed to make much difference. Things got really bad when I was 47 although I tried to suppress it and told nobody. Just turned 48 I attempted again, nearly succeeding, and all hell broke loose. Crisis teams, psychiatrists, psych ward. I made my last attempt 8 months later - 2.5 years ago. Since then I've been on many different combinations of drugs, had weekly individual therapy, weekly group therapy, regular contact with my CPN and psychiatrist appointments every two months.

It's been a long and intense process but it has paid off. I feel stronger than I ever have done before. Life is extremely hard at the moment and I'm coping, something I never thought I'd be able to do. I still get regular suicidal thoughts but I have no intention of acting on them and have learned to accept them for what they are - just thoughts.

I can't say I'll never go back there, it's a frightening prospect. But I now know how to get the support I'll need if that happens. I also have the knowledge that I got through it before so I can do it again.

It can and does happen.


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My autobiography, when it is complete. . . (though I have been working on page one for nearly twenty years!) ..;) _so, far—all that’s stuck is: “The . . .” Just kidding. Often times, if you can “weather,” or ride out the storm that is your acutely challenging, or difficult time - whether that be in your teens, or your twenties ; this success(, or successful experience, can lend itself to being able to better navigate the more normal and sometimes relatively peaceful and calm(ing) waters ~~~


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Lots of people are here after their lives got better just to comfort people and try to make them feel better. One thing that worked for me is to simply decide that I will not end my own life. It will end of it's own accord soon enough. I take five different medications and they seem to be keeping me stable. I am on Latuda as an anti-psychotic and Lamotrogine as an anti-depressant. I think the fact that I am still alive is due to medication nad an attitude change. I hoe that things get better for you. I would like to reach out and comfort you.


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I think what helped me was a lot of therapy and medicine (until I felt that no longer worked but that's an unrelated point). And as MosesY mentions, a change of attitude. I've spend a lot of time forgiving myself for not being perfect. And I am immensely thankful for a social welfare system that has been nothing but supportive and given me all the time I needed to get better.

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