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Any Thoughts About Updating/Improving This Resource Link?

It's ok to post any feedback either directly on the part that you think should be updated, but really, it's ok to post anywhere. Thank you :)


Misknown Member
You could put the descriptions of each link below each link instead of putting the descriptions in one big paragraph. Sorry if this wasn't the kind of feedback you were looking for. Just thought it might make it more user-friendly.
Sorry if this wasn't the kind of feedback you were looking for
No, any kind of feedback is good, thank you :)

Originally, I wanted to do that, but I was having trouble getting the text to indent, and it looked awful. There were a number of things that I wanted to do better, but I just wanted to get it done. I'd been meaning to update my signature link for months, and I knew if only did once it was perfect, I'd procrastinate forever. Once I figure out how to indent properly, I'll try to update it.

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