Any Thoughts on San Francisco?

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by Fire, Dec 24, 2007.

  1. Fire

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    I'm curious if anybody here is from San Francisco. I was thinking of moving there, because I figure I might be happier as a gay 20-something.

    I'm in the midwest right now.

    Anybody here know anything about it? Maybe my relationship prospects would be better. lol Maybe I wouldn't want to off myself anymore.
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    yeah i highly recommend sfc if you're a midwest transplant...lots of cool peeps and opportunities.make sure to visit first, as its not for everyone- there's a high sense of liberalism throughout the whole city, and you're likely to run into your fair share of crazy sex and drugs without many in a committed relationship. it is pretty much the best place to live before you get married and settle down, as a 20-something as you put it.

    better to get your foot in the door by having a place to stay ahead of time, full well aware that you don't need a car at all unless you're commuting outside the city (i parked my car permanently across the bay while i was living there because parking is so bad!) and that rent is insanely expensive, only to be matched with los angeles and new york (like 7-800 bucks for your own room, a couple thousand for a 2 bdr. apt....about 1000 for a decent studio, some better deals are to be had but in shady areas of the mission and tenderloin districts (stay out of the tenderloin at night!))

    basically a retail position full-time doesn't cover the expenses unless you work more than 40 hrs weekly, although minimum wage is very high (don't know, exactly). you'll be broke all the time. but it will be the most fun you'll have slumming it in the whole united states!! even the city bums are pretty amicable and integrated into the social structure....

  3. Fire

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    Heh. Thanks. :) Yeah, I hear it's even more expensive now than the numbers you just mentioned. I was thinking of grad-school and masses of student loans as my foot-in-the-door there.

    As for the rampant liberalism, I'm sure I'll fit in just fine there. But I am more focused on finding a serious long-term relationship, and I'm not too interested in drugs.

    But, heck, as I told myself before: I might as well have a good time if I would otherwise want to kill myself. lol Live it up? Sure, it's not dyin'.

    By the way-- it's sick that full-time retail work won't even pay for living expenses. Welcome to Bohemia?
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    I guess as long as you dont go anywhere near the zoo you'll be fine.
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