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any thoughts?

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Okay, I've been suicidal most of my life...a lot of childhood stuff and been in therapy forever.
I explained in another post but basically I planned a holiday for myself. I was hoping it might be a turn in the road to something positive.
Well, I ended up getting sick the first day away and had to come home.
I passed out at the airport. I had been sick and I'll spare you the details but basically my body wasn't liking food at all...it was not staying in my body at all.
So day after I got home, I went to hospital and got 4 IVs and potassium tablets. Problem is just before going I OD'd on Nytol so I couldn't walk or talk and I was messed up.
Now I'm worried I've really screwed myself.
The day after this I went to my family doc who had a replacement that day. She filled out the form saying I was ill and dehydrated while away for the insurance company
I only worry if the insurance looks into this they will think it's a mental issue and I don't want to be discriminated against since I was truly ill.
If insurance doesn't help at all I'm stuck with a loan that only makes me more depressed. I wanted to be on holidays...to be away from here.

Any thoughts on the insurance thing?

I don't know if I've posted this here correctly.
I see my family doc tomorrow and I'm going to tell her that part. She's really nice but I'm embarrassed She knows I get very suicidal but I hope she believes and knows I was sick. Why else would they have said I was dehydrated and have given all the IVs and potassium right? Thoughts?


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I can relate to this and agree that it's stressful to keep mental health issues hidden from health insurance companies... and I don't know about your insurance policy.
Say as little as possible, I guess, would be my advice. As long as you don't say anything (also i wouldn't openly ask the doctor to lie on the report, because this could get the doctor's liscense taken away), and they don't do any blood tests that find the nytol specifically in your system, I would think you're fine because there's no absolute proof of your OD.

The only other thing I can say is, it's important you have someone besides a doctor to talk to about the OD'ing who isn't going to rat you out to the insurance company by putting it as a complicating factor in the illness.


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Hi meme333,

Sorry for the late reply! I don't know how this all works.. with health insurance and mental health information and ODing all included etc.

Irregardless, hope your appointment with your family doc goes well!




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well when I was at the hospital I did tell them. that's what I'm afraid of. They were taking blood and doing tests one of which was a tox screen so I thought I had no option there.
Are you saying that they wouldn't have found it had I not told them?

I just don't want insurance to use it against me. I was sick.
I took the overdose afterwards.


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and should I not tell my family doc either?
I was going to tell her tomorrow but i won't if you think it'll affect insurance.

I just thought if she gets the report from the hospital she'll know and I'd want to explain.
But when I was there the other day the only report they received from the hospital was that i had been sick.
Still, they may have more information now.

Oh what to do.

I'm an honest person but have to take care of myself too.
nobody else does :(


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Geez that sounds even more complicated. I take back my advice to not say anything. There's more stuff at stake. You should probably take a look at your benefits if you can, I mean, go over the paperwork etc that shows what your insurance covers, what they don't cover, etc. My concerns were that 1) they could raise your rates accross the board
2) if they associated your treatment with damage that you caused by yourself, they wouldn't cover your treatment.

I think you really should talk to someone, such as a counselor, walk-in therapy, healthcare advocate, hotline, or maybe someone at the hospital who is not connected with your treatmen. and get a copy of your benefits so you know what you have to do to keep your insurance. Your counselor can spend some real time with you deciding how you should handle this given all the factors, it's a very important issue, especially if you have a big HMO provider.


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But they wouldn't have known what I had taken if I had not said?
Is this true?
Did I mess up?

What would have shown in the tox screen?
How would they have known I overdosed other than symptoms?


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What they find in the blood work depends what they were testing for. If they were only looking at your electrolytes, whatever drug you took might not have been detected.

I just don't know, and I'm sorry that I don't know, but offering a medical opinion or an opinion on what you should do in this situation would be irresponsible of me. If you want information specifically from this forum maybe you could post under general disorders/therapy and medication and ask for someone in your country who knows about the medical system. Again, I'm sorry I can't be of more help. Good luck...


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No worries Valis.
They did a tox screen but it came up negative.
They did test for electrolytes but nothing to do with the overdose. I was already sick and that's why the overdose hit so hard.

All is okay.
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