Any "underage* smokers who've been hit by the new ban?

Discussion in 'Self Care and Healthy Lifestyles' started by anonymous51, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. anonymous51

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    Well you probably all know now that theyve raised the age to 18 and its killing me. This is the last fucking thing i need right now.

    Is there any advice anyone can give me who have given up cigarettes? i feel alot more drained and tired, and im starting to get really stressed out (thats normal for me but now its just 10x worse)

    Ive been trying to start doing other things to keep my mind of it. Im going to get a really good computer soon so i can play decent games on it so thatll keep me occupied, plus ive been thinking about buying some weights or whatever to give me something to do when ive got spare time.
  2. anonymous51

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    Re: Any "underage* smokers whove been hit by the new ban?

    ah fuck im gonna go insane man, it felt like i was going to collapse at work today. There no way im going to be able to handle a whole year of this.
  3. Puddytat

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    Re: Any "underage* smokers whove been hit by the new ban?

    if you really wanna quit just give it some more time, its just a habit and just like all habits it can be unlearned. you need to space yourself from any temptation which i guess is easier in your case coz you cant buy any. definately doing other things to keep your mind off it will help. before you realise it you will be feeling a lot better/healthier and the temptation wont nearly be as strong. ive given up twice was fairly easy both times bacause i didnt have that temptation to always smoke but alas i have fallen back into the habit again like before because i enjoyed it too much and i didnt really want to stop, i did it for my bf at the time. my current bf smokes like a champion so its harder for me to stop w/ him around even though i do really want to this time. oh well.

    good luck though
  4. mb75

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    Re: Any "underage* smokers whove been hit by the new ban?

    chew lots and lots of gum... I chewed 2 packs a day and got over it in no time
  5. DayOn

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    Try not to be too dependent on it. See the cigarettes as a treat you get every now and then but not as a necessity. Changing the way you think can even change your habits.
  6. Isa

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    This advice is kind of odd?

    This thread isnt asking for advice for people continuing to smoke, they asked for help from 'Is there any advice anyone can give me who have given up cigarettes?'


    Anyway, replacement is the most common way of getting off cigarettes, chewing gum, peanuts, and chocolate most commonly.

    If your having real trouble there is a hypnotherapy available for it.
  7. DayOn

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    The fact that you need replacements means that the desire to smoke is still there, and it's not going to go away if you keep trying not to think about're just trying to replace your former addiction with another one... That's just how I see maybe if you face the problem head on, by eliminating your need for an addiction, it might work? :huh: Dunno. I gave up smoking but I wasn't an addict, I just smoked every now and then when I had the chance, but I was never really addicted to it, because I didn't see it as something I had to be dependent on. Maybe this might work for some people, maybe not for others.
  8. Allo..

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    kinda off the point,
    but its always been 18 here..
  9. rwillson

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    i know it is hopping from one addiction to another (we seem to do a lot of that in my family), but the nicotine gum rocks. also. there is that medication Chantix (expensive though), seems to have worked for some people i know...

    only downer is if your like me, the type of smoker who likes to hold onto something and is addicted to the act of smoking just as much the nicotine...

  10. Beattles

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    by chosing to smoke you realise you basicly started commiting suicide. you only die soo much more slower.