Any women here who have been pregnant before?

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    Not sure what the heck is going on. I was trying to get pregnant...then I thought I was about to have my period, but it turned out to be just some light spotting these past 2 days on and off. Like, this morning when I woke up nothing was even there at all, and now there's a little bit there again. Also, I was having these weird cramps before the bleeding even started. I don't usually have cramps before my period starts...they start after I already start bleeding somewhat heavily. But here it's been like these weird sharp twinges of pain that last for about 5-10 seconds on and off before the spotting and now during as well. I guess it could be implantation bleeding but I know that's not supposed to last more than like 2 days, right? And tonight it'll be 2 days. But like I said it's been on and off kind of...sometimes it's there and sometimes I don't see anything at all. So anyone who's been pregnant before, if you have any thoughts I'd appreciate it.