Anybody been a smart arse to the therapist?

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by downunder, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. downunder

    downunder Well-Known Member

    Just wondering if anyone has been a smart arse to their therapist?

    Mine was lecturing me again about eating habits, and it was starting to annoy me, so I said "talk to the hand" because I am not listening. She laughed though, I wasn't trying to offend her.

    Once at work I had to see a different counsellor whilst mine was away and this guy I saw was just asking me a bunch of proforma questions and not even listening to my answers and then at the end he asks me to give him a score out of 10 of how I thought it went. 1 being the best and 10 being the worst, I told him 8 then he got upset at me, so I said "okay 9, then I would rather go to the dentist then see you". But he would also just stop talking during the session and there would be complete silence for ages, I got bored and looked at my watch and got told off for that.
  2. Oak

    Oak Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    I must admit that i have been bad with two therapists. One was in depression trying to help me and ended up listening to HER problems so i told her off as i was paying to listen to her complaining. The second one i just about blew a fuse. I wanted to hit her with all my might. I found out she was discussing private matters with colligues in public (resto in the hospital) and i was sitting bedhing them so i told her off and walk out before i hit her.

    i should have denounce her for doing that but i just walk out and never trusted a therapist again. I rather stick to my psichiatrist who is diong a real good job at putting me back on track. My case is complicated as whoever takes my case pulls their hair as un prepared to deal and face physically challenged people.

    have a safe trip and shop for a good one. but most are crarp
  3. music_junkie

    music_junkie Well-Known Member

    Trained clinicians should be used to receiving a little backlash from clients. Its natural, and some believe a sign of improvement, when clients can express irritation with therapists. (eg, transference issues) It's their JOB to be professionally detached, able to handle challenging emotions, and essentially, not get offended by anything their client says/does, at least not on a personal level, and certainly within reason.

    so while this isnt a "get out of jail free" pass for us on the other side of the couch, it does mean that there should be an acceptable amount of leniency in terms of hostility levels. You shouldn't be insulting your therapist, or berating them constantly, but this is not a standard relationship and they should be professional enough to handle it. I think yours did exactly what was needed by laughing, and understanding where you were coming from... A good therapist would ask why you felt that way, what they did wrong, explore the reasons why you were irritated, etc etc etc.
  4. alle_vite

    alle_vite Well-Known Member

    I so wish i could be a smart ass to my phycotherapist, she asks me the same freakin questions and i give her the same answers then on top of that she asks me questions that she already knows the answer to the same freaking answer that any human being would give i mean what a waste of time and effort i really wish i could think of sumit smart and quick witted to say back to her!!!!
  5. downunder

    downunder Well-Known Member

    MizzConfused what sort of questions, maybe I can give you some smart arse answers to be fired with. I had the shrink and my husband go on at me about my eating habits, as soon as I got out of there I went and bought a new diet book.
  6. alle_vite

    alle_vite Well-Known Member

    how do u feel about your daughter dying? that question is asked every freakin week
    Knowing you are being watched now, how does that make you feel? (she points at the double sided mirror on the wall)

    I think they are the two main ones that bug me the most!!
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  7. downunder

    downunder Well-Known Member

    That is a hard question as my daughter has also died.

    Could you just say "Oh the same as last week and the week before", "it makes feel sick of answering this same question every week" or "makes me feel the same as it did last week", maybe go see someone else.
  8. KirstyMissJimBob

    KirstyMissJimBob Well-Known Member

    i had 2 both abandoned me
  9. downunder

    downunder Well-Known Member

    why were you abandoned? I had one leave her job.
  10. HappyAZaClaM

    HappyAZaClaM Guest

    damn, I should be grateful for my doc. course...he aint a therapist.
    he a psychiatrist. med check guy. here's the shpeel. "ya ok? good.
    here's yer hat. what's yer hurry? don't forget yer script!"

    if I say two words I get the 'look' meaning, "are you STILL here?"

    haven't tried a therapist for a long time. I hate that shit. most I have found
    are....carpetbaggers is the nicest word I can think of. at least my shrink
    is honest. a little curt, but honest. therapists, oy. the buggars....
  11. Oak

    Oak Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    Hun, if your shrink is honest, try talking to him. Even if he isn't trained (mine isn't) he can be a good listener which makes him better at treating you. Mine goes out of his way to suit my needs. I couldnt thank him enough for being as he is, a good damn person to have around and we became good friends.

    Best of luck and dont give up, there are good shrinks out there
    granny xox
  12. downunder

    downunder Well-Known Member

    I see a psychiatrist, and am in there for 1 hour, I am not prescribed any drugs and we just talk. Must be different in different countrys. Her constant lecturing me about my eating habits is starting to push me to the edge. Last week, that was all she talked about and get this, she weighed herself on the scales and she was 67kg, I told her she should do something about that!!! I weigh 55kg and am 177cm tall, she is a little bit smaller than me. I know its not healthy but I am not ready to give it up. I am seeing her for grief issues and suicidal thoughts. I find if put my mind on something else I get away from the suicidal thoughts a bit. She wants me to put on 5kg. She says I am fading away before her eyes. She even asked if I knew what a BMI was er duh. She sent me for blood tests and they came back normal.
  13. sudut

    sudut Well-Known Member

    talk to the hand; lol.
  14. HappyAZaClaM

    HappyAZaClaM Guest

    I appreciate the thought. thanks. no no...I didn't make that very
    clear which is my fault. he is not a 'talking to' doctor. 10/15 minutes
    tops, if that. only for med checks. meds which he prescribed. so, he needs
    to keep track. as for spilling my guts, he aint interested. I kid you not.
    which is fine. I don't really like him anyway.

    I need to give the therapist bit another fair shot. I have had psycholgists
    I liked as people, but it was the same old S--- as far as treatment.

    group therapy is the best I've experienced. I have been lazy, apprehensive
    and tight arsed about looking for that again. for one thing, it's really
    expensive. I don't have insurance.

    my shrink doc is ok. I don't DIS like him. he's just not a real warm and fuzzy
    guy. he must be rollin in dough. 4 to 5 patients an hour. 9 hours a day.
    36 minimum. anyway, whatever on him. a new group sounds like it might
    be helpful and group is cheaper than one on one.
  15. downunder

    downunder Well-Known Member

    I am off to see her again tomorrow, she is going to freak when she hears about me having a seizure and passing out at the public pool.
  16. El_

    El_ Well-Known Member

    My previous Psychologist, a male, was fun to be smart with. He tried to pull all his tricks on me which i saw coming, so i decided to pull some of my own. It was kinda fun. ;)

    To the rest i was a smart ass too, i regret, because now they won't help me. *sighs*
  17. downunder

    downunder Well-Known Member

    What sort of tricks did you do with the psychologist?

    The shrink said to me after I said about passing out at the pool, what does that tell you (she was wanting to me to say to eat more in future) I said to get out of the pool a lot slower. These are very hot pools.

    Today she mentioned that if weight got too low she would notify the corporation to get my motorbike licence taken off me, I asked how low my weight would have to be for that to happen.
  18. Oak

    Oak Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    she is probably worried that you pass out while driving which is understandable but to use threats is no way to help a person get
    better. What did she answer to your question about weight?

    my shrink keeps track of my loss of weight if i loose more than 10 kilo per month he starts worrying and as i have lost nearly 20 he gave me something to open my appetite. perhaps this could be an avenue for you as well?

    it is nice to be thin but too thin or too fast is not healthy and can lead to other physical health problems.

    try to have 6 meals a day, just a few bites but often. that way you'll never feel hunger yet your body will not stack extra pounds or kilo on you.

    good luck hun. if you need to talk know that you can always pm me

    granny xx
  19. Oak

    Oak Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    hun, if you dont have a talkative shrink or if he doesnt bother talking to you how on earth can he prescribe you medication???????????????

    mine (psychiatrise) doesn look at the time, we can chat for no less than an hour as his patients are priority on his list over the amount.

    shrinks or doctors are like shoes, got to try many to find one that fits perfectly to your need.

    hopefully things will change for the better dear

    good luck and keep us posted on how things improve or change for you

    best wishes
    granny xx
  20. downunder

    downunder Well-Known Member

    she wouldn't tell me the weight. Then I tried bargaining and said if I got to the weight she wanted me to be, could I go back to full duties at work, she said no, but it was worth a try. Then I found out that her scales make me weigh more than my do at home by 2kg!!!!