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Anybody come from a Polish background?


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What I'm getting at is that being born and raised in an anglo country under polish parents has been a challenge for me and my entire life in terms of fitting in and knowing where I belong. Just want to know if anybody has made the move to be an expat in Poland or has faced this crisis in their life as well. Of course, the salaries are much higher in the UK, US, Canada etc but I feel like there are opportunities as a dual citizen to make money in both countries and have a wealthy and most importantly happy life. Any experience would be greatly appreciated.
There's a general issue of children of immigrants adjusting to the culture of the country that they live in, while also having another culture at home. It's understandable that fitting in has been a struggle.

You might want to look at some information about "third culture kids".

If there is a Polish-Canadian association that you have access to, that might be a great resource. No one's going to understand the Polish-Canadian experience better than Polish-Canadians.

Maybe you would like spending time in Poland, but it's not clear that you wouldn't also feel some difficulties in fitting in there as well.

I hope something can help

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