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  1. hey guys, well i suffer from some mental disorder(im being evaluated soon) and all i know is i feel a lot better when i have someone, as in im in a relationship. im happyish(never really truly happy but its ok) and i have hope again. just wondering if this is the way anyone else feels too
  2. I feel similar. The connection between mental disorder and relationship, I'm not really sure. But I'm a manic depressive. I know feeling wanted always makes things better, or at least easier to deal with. Just knowing someone could maybe love me even with all the problems I have makes it more tolerable.
    That being said, it is also not very good to rely on it. It can make things worse, knowing from personal experience. It's good while it lasts, but there are always other things that can make you happy, even if it doesn't seem like it.
    Best of luck to you friend.
  3. i know exactly what you;re talking about, i just cant get enough.
  4. Yeah, it is so hard to be satisfied with it, even with the joy it brings. Especially if you've ever been seriously hurt over a relationship that ended horribly. Since my last girlfriend (we broke up almost three years ago), I've had a hard time connecting with others, making romantic relationships extremely hard for me to find and maintain. I've gotten even more hurt because of it. If you find someone, keep them and love them, unless someone is getting hurt, in which case, it would be best to end. Until a relationship comes around, hold onto the ones you already have (friends, family, etc). It won't exactly be the same, but it will help at least a little.
    Know that, even if not in a romantic relationship, you're cared for and there is always reason to hope (as generic a response as that is).
    It's just that feeling of acceptance, I think, at least, as far as it tying into being related to mental disorders. Maybe?
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    Yeah sometimes, but then I feel I'm never good enough for them, and find ways to sabotage the relationship. But I guess I do that with friendships too. So I guess I find ways to ruin my own happiness.
  6. witty we must be twins
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    Make that triplets.
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    I have to agree actually, I feel a bit better in a relationship, knowing that I have someone to help me through things and a companion :) My boyfriend is my world, he gets ill a lot and I take care of him and when I am unwell he takes care of me , so yeah, I agree :)
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    I feel exactly the same. I dont feel alive or that I exsist unless I have someone. But at the same time not just anyone can fill that space. But even when I hav what I want. I may be happy but I fool myself to think im 100% happy when infact I never Truly am, actually happy.
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    I'm not sure.

    But what I do know is that I seem to be a brighter person (my counsellor even noted that I "pick up" whenever I mention my current gf) - when I'm with someone.

    I think it's got to be something connected with how my social life has been - does that ring true for anyone else?
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    You're not alone on this one, I always feel like very lost whenever I'm not with someone. Over the last few years though I wasted my life with people who didn't really honestly love me. At the moment I'm working on loving myself first. It be nice to have someone right now though with me, but I know I need to love myself first before I end up allowing someone into my life again.
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    i don't like people full stop.

    so no.... not really
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    There's a hint of irony in that - you're on a support forum, shared by people, for people lol (I sorry - I did see it fairly amusing although I understand you more than likely meant others that are directly around you offline)

    It's great to hear someone making the efforts in realising they are who they are - and if you can accept who you are, you have a better basepoint to work from.