Anybody Ever said something to a psych/counsellor and wish they hadn't

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by downunder, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. downunder

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    Anybody Ever said something to a psych/counsellor and wish they hadn't?

    I told a counsellor I was feeling suicidal and she then went and told my workplace. Then this other lady who works there tells me to ring her if I am feeling upset. So I ring her and was upset, she then goes and rings my husband, I told her not to upset him, so she tells him that I am fine, I think why bother. Felt like I was punished for doing the right thing in talking to her. Then this other guy at work tells me to ring if I am having problems so I do, then he goes and tells someone else and they dob me into the CAT team, who say that I am fine.

    I really get sick of "ring us, if you have problems" because then they make it worse.
  2. Summer.Rain

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    my previus shrink was a young beautiful lady
    and more then once we talked about relations.
    I even talked with here about relations betwine us, and im sorry about it.
    That pritty much all.

    My therapist kept everything to herself, i trusted her and she knew it.
    She never called my work place or whatever as long as i didnt asked her to do so.
  3. Ignored

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    My psychologist is very hot on confidentiality. Only once did he contact my psychiatrist etc and that was after I'd made it pretty clear that I was going to act on my suicidal thoughts. He did tell me what he was going to do and was unshakeable even though I protested but he had been clear from the start what he would do in that situation... I just hadn't believed him! More fool me!!! :dry:
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    I was writing to a psych, I didnt want to meet him, and I told him that, but after a few days he dragged me out of class and forced me to talk, he sendt me to my doc, where I had to explain everything, then he drove me to a better psych, when I said no.

    He forced me to tell him, and others.

    I really regret telling him in the first place
  5. Stranger1

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    They have an obligation to report you if you are talking suicide and talking about harming yourself. I guess that is why mine changes the subject everytime I start talking about it. She is agood therapist and has helped me quite a bit in the three years I have been seeing her...My suggestion is drop the counselor and find a good tharapist. They are alot more help in dealing with your problems. They also teach you skills to help cope with the thoughts.. I hope you seek the help, don't let one time poison you on getting help. Take Care !!~Joseph~
  6. dazzle11215

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    find out their confidentiality policies up front. that way you know who they can and can't talk to. co-workers have no professional obligations, i wouldn't expect much from them. when my old therapist wanted to talk to my doctor i had to sign a piece of paper giving her permission to call him. now that's a good confidentiality policy!
  7. Rosenrot

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    I told my therapist alot of lies just because I was concerned what she thought of me, for whatever damn reason, and I never got any real help because I could never tell her the truth. I regret it, as, I can't afford the medical care anymore.
  8. music_junkie

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    I don't know where you are living, but in the states therapists cannot release information about your treatment to ANYONE without your written consent. Legally, professionally, and ethically, they need WRITTEN consent, unless you are in "imminent danger," and even in that situation they only are allowed to share information to other healthcare providers in order to ensure your safety.
  9. downunder

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    I am not in the states. It was a work place counsellor.
  10. Oak

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    you can bet if i have regrets in opening up to a psichiatra who wrote all down and gave a copy of it to my husband. I also found out that she was discussing my case with collegues and nurses openly at the restaurant of the hospital where all could hear her. I am not kidding as she didnt see me arrive for a coffee and heard her openly talk about my case and what had been said. I waited for her to ge out of the restaurant and told her we needed to talk and i raised hell in her office and fired her. From that moment I do not talk to any psi in hosp. or clinics. No chit ...........! Talk about privacy and ethics grrrrrrrrrrrr :dry: :eek:hmy:
  11. alle_vite

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    Yeh i have said alot of things to my phyc and docter i totaly wish i hadnt, last year i tolf them i was suicidal and what my plans on totaly nieve to how the system worked i didnt think they could do anything, next thing i new i was being locked up on a phyciatric ward!!! I know i will never make that mistake again!!!