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Anybody here in Software Development or IT? Feeling very discouraged...

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Hi there, I went back to college in Canada at 25 for software development, equivalent to a community college in the US. I'm finally starting to work on two small projects that are basic to show off employers but have no clue how other people build really unique projects that thousands of people could benefit from. Those are the kind of projects that stand out to employers and I so far have none but I am working on it.

On the positive side of things, I have learnt the front end so HTML,CSS,JS,React plus Java knowledge from the courses I'm taking. I am also learning MySQL and MongoDB for the back-end. So in terms of knowledge, I feel like I'm on the right path, just need to put it together and showcase that in projects. My current goal is to be ready to start applying for my 1st co-op in January so I'd need my website with projects and finished Resume by September when applications start opening up. I have already started on the website, just nervous about the projects and technical knowledge compared to others that are younger and in a full-fledged CS degree program.

Thanks in advance.
Hi. I'm sorry you have had to wait so long for a reply. I think maybe people missed this thread because it was posted in the "The Coffee House".

The idea of making projects to showcase to employers is a good one. What software developer employers are looking for in a project is:
a) proof the respective person can code fluently
b) the code is high-quality (worth looking into making your code clear, concise and well formatted) and not plagiarized
Although the more impressive the project the better, there isn't really a need for the project to be polished to a professional level in my opinion. Just try and build a project that encompasses and demonstrates all the skills you'll be using on the job (e.g. if you're applying for a full-stack job make a project that demonstrates your front-end, back-end and database skills). Most people aren't building professional-level projects to show their prospective employers. It is also worth noting that they might be interested in discussing the process of building the project and the strengths and weakness of each one so keep that in mind. If you need some ideas here is a decent list. You could also consider boosting your CV with some free online courses about software engineering too (e.g. FreeCodeCamp) however this isn't necessary.

Also don't worry about Computer Science students having more "technical knowledge" than you. A lot of what computer science students will learn will not be relevant in a software engineering job. A software engineering degree will cover all the necessary computer science knowledge you realistically need and I would argue will better prepare you for a software engineering job.

I'm sorry if any information I wrote isn't accurate. I hope you have a great day!
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