anybody on Cymbalta or Clonazepam?

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by killorbee, May 11, 2008.

  1. killorbee

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    I take both these meds now ,, just wondering what syptoms people out there get side effect wise. I have really bad circulation like my hands and feet are always going numb and getting cold. headaches alot and pains in calfs feet ankles. I also experience weakness in my shoulder s upper back muscles and chest. thanks for info on these meds if anyone has some.....
  2. ThoseEmptyWalls

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    I was on Cymbalta for a month when I suddenly developed a allergic reaction to it.. They doctors knew it was the medication because I wasnt on anything else and the syptoms fit a medication allergic reaction case. My body broke out in a red rash (yes my whole body). The rash quickly became very red, itchy, had this burning sensation, and some of the bumps within the rash were like tiny blisters. My throat swelled but somehow my tonsils became all dry and funny looking. My lips also dried out really badly and the skin cracked and fell off which of course caused them to bleed and be very sore. I stopped the medication right away and called the doctor. She instructed I not take it again and said she would start a new medication when the reaction went away. Which it didnt for close to two weeks. I have been off that medication for probably five or maybe six months now and still have red bumps that havent went away and the skin on the palm of my hands still looks like theres been a million tiny blisters to pop on them :(
  3. Hazel

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    I am on Cymbalta, have been for a few years now, it is the only medication that has worked for me.
    Initially I did have side effects.... dry mouth, numb hands & feet, headache & visual disturbances, however after a few weeks these settled down and I personally feel the positive theraputic effect made it worth putting up with them initially.
  4. Beret

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    I am on Cymbalta too. After having tried pretty much all anti-depressants on the market, my doc realized it was the only med working for me. I take 120mg daily. Used to take anti-psychotics and mood stabilizer, stopped about three month ago, but might have to go back on them :(
  5. aquila

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    I'm on Cymbalta. I have had no side-effects like headache and such, maybe I'm a bit more moody and sensitive though.