Anybody that has experienced coming off meds and then going back on them

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by Aurora Gory Alice, Apr 5, 2010.

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    I have done this two or three times now.

    The first few months I feel fantastic, it's like, I want to run screaming from the rooftops THIS IS HOW I AM SUPPOSED TO BE! And it's not because I am on some automatic high or because I'm crazy happy or anything, because we all know it doesn't work that way, it's literally because I feel like that fucking cloud that is constantly hovering over my mind has disappeared and I can try and be normal because - I can see clearly for once.

    Basically right now, I am off meds. For almost two months.
    I feel like I have alzheimers.

    I cannot think.
    I can't remember anything.
    I'm about to do something and then all of a sudden I forget what it was.
    I'll be in my room and come downstairs for something and I can't remember what it was.
    I'll want to check out something online and I'll forget (within half a minute).
    I'll be writing an email and I'll forget my words, almost like my entire vocabulary has been emptied out of my mind.
    If I'm reading, I'll read the same page five times and it still won't go in.
    I cannot understand simple problems and explanations.
    And so on...

    I suppose what I am asking is - is this just me? Am I insane or does this happen to anybody else?
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    Yup done that before three times before i just excepted the fact i need the meds to survive. Maybe your medciation was to high last time go to your doctor and get back on them okay so you can think again