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Anyone Else Feel Like A 2nd Class Citizen Where Ever The Live?

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by K-On, Oct 13, 2010.

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  1. K-On

    K-On Well-Known Member

    I feel like a 2nd class citizen in this hell hole town, everyone stares at me as if to say wtf you doing here, gtfo your not welcome. People give me dirty looks for no reason (I dont even know these people and they don't know me). Some people have even decided to cross to the otherside of the road simply because I was walking on the same side as them and they didn’t want to walk past me....WTF do I have the Plague?

    When I go out and buy stuff like shopping, some of the staff won’t even bother to acknowledge me when their serving me but are more than happy to acknowledge everyone else they serve. Even when holding doors out for people only about half of them have the decentcey to even say thanks.

    On my way out of the job centre the other day I saw this girl (musta been about 22) with her 2 kids on their way into the job centre, 1 of her kids was trying to push the door open but couldn’t. I pulled the door open for the kid and he smiled and ran in followed by his sister, I then held the door open and waited for their mum seeing as she was almost at the door and the bitch couldn’t even be bothered to say thanks as she walked in which pissed me off.

    Thanks to alot of this crap I feel unwelcomed/unwanted in this town and im bloody stuck here which I hate very much. Im pretty sure i have some kind of anxiety problem thanks to this, I really dislike leaving my home even if its to go to the bank to get what ever little money I have.

    Anyone else with similar experiences?
  2. IV2010

    IV2010 Well-Known Member

    sad to say that's the way society is going these days..the lack of respect and manners is everywhere....
    try not to take it too personally...
    have you talked to your doctor about the anxiety?
  3. Poorlaggedman

    Poorlaggedman Active Member

    When i was in the army i swear everywhere i went i was a second class citizen. Even in the US, locals around the big army bases didn't really respect us. The people that were nicest were the ones that were trying to make money off ya. Nobody wanted their daughters dating some GI stationed temporarily in their city from God knows where. Much much worse overseas. In Korea they import foreign women to fill up carnivals outside the bases and try to get GIs to "buy them a drink" for $20 to speak with them for 15 minutes. Taxi drivers pull over, look at you (your haircut) or heaven forbid you have a black man with you, then they drive off. In Germany it was better but only specific people would typically speak to you without intense investment on your part and proving you were worthy of their attention. Its bad enough being an American in some parts of Europe they seemed to have some righteous belief from Denmark to Italy that i A) didn't know geography and B) raped babies. It'd be funny if it didn't fuck my experiences there. Heard good things about the UK though, never got a chance to go there. Do you feel its race-based or what?
  4. K-On

    K-On Well-Known Member

    No I havent spoken to the doctor about my anxiety problem and cant be bothered to, Im fed up of seeing doctors for one reason or another (I hate them anyway). Im pretty sure its been brought on because of how much I hate living in this town.

    I think most major cities in the UK are multi cultural which is great but the further away from them you get, going into small towns, the more the locals make you feel 2nd class or unwelcome/unwanted but it does depend on where abouts in the country you are (I've only lived in a few towns but all of them apart from where im currently living were great places to live).

    I lived in one town that was barely multi cultural and everyone there was great, no problems whats so ever. Then i ended up moving to where I am now and this place is a bit more multi cultural but alot of people here make you feel 2nd class or unwelcome. For every nice person you come across, you normally end up comming across atleast 5 pricks or more.
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