Anyone else have a certain time of year when things go crazy?

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May seems to be the time of year when I go nuts. I've been inpatient 3 times on Mother's Day in the last few years. Therapist suggested hospital Thursday. I don't understand why I am so hopeless all of a sudden. I mean I have been through a lot of med changes but this is of epic proportions. I really don't want to be hospitalized again as it does no good for me.

Ah I just dunno. Sometimes staying alive is such work.


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christmas is hard for me as my dad died on christmas day 1998, every year its as hard as the first, but yeah life is real hard work sometimes. :hug:


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i feel for u angie ! ive been thinking the same thing myself lately its like everything is turned on its head its all wrong and everything is too much effort. I really dont know why it happens but i just wanted you to know you arent alone. What are the alternatives if any to going inpatient?
much love sarah xx


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I donno abt a particular time of year but i do go through cycles.

I really hope you can stay out the hos, if it does no good theres little point unless its purely to protect you. Perhaps you could discuss alternatives like shadow suggested?

Many people care about you :hug: lets try and help you through this tough time, then maybe when its passed you can try to work out the reasons? :hug:

Love you xxx
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