Anyone else have Aspergers?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Jason_Byrnes, Aug 7, 2006.

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  1. Jason_Byrnes

    Jason_Byrnes New Member

    Hey, I just joined, I'm 18, I have a neurological disorder called aspergers, I was wondering who here also has this. I read a lot of posts and it seems like a lot of you are in the same situation as me.

    Yeah I have it bad like many of you guys, I;ve been bullied all my life, I can't communicate with other humans, I can't keep a friendship. I also have problems with coordination, I've always been teased in gym class back when I was in school. I have an eating disorder, I rely on drugs as something to ook forward to. I've also been cranked on since I was a kid by my schizofrenic mother and abusive father.

    I just dont know where to go, there is no cure for me, I was born to fail. I've tried suicide twice, and hopefully the third time will be a charm.

    But yeah I was wondering who else here has AS like me.
  2. About six months ago I was told by a mental health nurse that it was possible that I had Aspergers, but nothing came of that.

    We do have some things in common though; I have poor social skills, a schizophrenic mother, I use alcohol excessively and I'm a bit clumsy. Yay?

    Anywho, don't kill yourself. Not yet, anyway. Wait a few years and see if you still want to.

    Edit: Wait, I've just remembered that when I was 18 I hated it when people said "just wait a few years". If you're the same, sorry about that. Really, though, sit and wait through the pain. It's probably worth it.
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  3. Jason_Byrnes

    Jason_Byrnes New Member

    yeah, I too think that waiting a few years would be the best thing. oh yeah and I drink a lot too, it's an escape from reality, I also smoke weed everyday too.
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