Anyone else in DBT?

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by Erratic, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. Erratic

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    I just hit my halfway point. This is my first time in DBT. We're on the Mindfulness module at the moment for the second time.

    I'm rather lucky to be in the center of DBT research and developement. I'm a stone's throw away from Marsha Linehan's lab at the University of Washington.
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    I was in a REBT class for a few weeks... I'm not sure if that classifies as DBT... It didn't really help a lot, but it was all right.
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  4. QuadLazer

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    It was like Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy. It was just a bunch of stupid stuff. I took a DBT group during school for like a few days. To me, though, it's all the same. Just sitting around talking about life. Therapy is therapy. I dunno, but I do remember most of it.
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    DBT is skills training, I suppose.

    And I just realized that I should've put this thread in Treatment. Mah bad. If a mod could move it?
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    I was referred to a couple DBT groups in the seattle area when I left the hospital, I didn't go to any of them. I probably should have, though.
  7. meliisa

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    I just started dbt and im not liking it at all, posiblly because I have just started with a new therapist
  8. fromthatshow

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    Different things work for different people.
    I actually am in DBT at the moment. Three days a week now. The skills that they offer don't really help me. What I am going there for is to get out of the house, get some extra support, be around people, and make some connections. They also have doctors there and free lunch :). And my insurance covers it all so I figure why not.
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    TY to the mod who moved this! :)

    There's quite a few private practice DBT groups in Seattle, plus the research group at UW. I think there's one that Harborview hosts at Seattle Mental Health and another group hosted by Community Psychiatric Clinic. It's not so bad.

    Overall DBT experience, I have the worst time of continually going. Sometimes I get very frustrated with some of my group members, who sound like broken records about some things. I know it's not fair to get frustrated, so I don't say anything about it because I doubt my griping will help them.

    In the last week or two, our group leader had started to mention that our non-verbal cues need to match our verbal cues. And I, can't for the life of me, figure out why this is, or why it's so important. So it drives me to utter distraction because my therapist keeps telling me that I don't have to understand it, I just need to try to do it. Which is harder in turn for me.

    Some of the skills make some sense. I'm very good at self soothing at times. But radical acceptance is a huge one for me. :/

    What modules is everyone on?
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    I had DBT in hospital for five months (skills group and individual sessions), and have had it at home on a 1:1 basis for three months. I've just quit, actually.
  11. fromthatshow

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    You were an inpatient and outpatient?

    And you mean you have it at home as that someone comes to your house?

    I want to know how to get an extended stay inpatient somewhere. Every place seems to be like 3 or 4 days. I need to be somewhere like 5 months like that.
    And someone coming to your house. If that's what you meant? How the hell do you get that arranged that sounds great.
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    I'm really glad I found this thread. I'm trying desperately to get into a DBT program around here.