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Anyone else just feel unlikeable?

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I feel like assholes would just hate me right off the bat. I have no life and barely any friends. They'd hate me. People hate loners like me. It's ridiculous but true. I'm just a douchebag.


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I don't feel unlikeable, i feel invisible. what's upsetting, is i remember almost every person i meet yet no one ever rememebers me, there's only been 2 occassions when someone has known who i am and i haven't known who they are.

Also i often think about people i've interacted with in the past and i wonder do those people ever think about me even though it's been months or years since we last saw each other? probably not i don't even think my dad or my children think about me.

By the way you're not a douchebag just because you're lonely, also i don't believe people hate loners i just think they don't notice them. (IMO from experience).
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Eagles Fan -

Firstly, "assholes" are named that way for a reason and you are not one of them and I wouldn't give a rats arse what their opinion is/was.

Secondly, you are not a douchebag or anything similar. Sure, we all feel somedays like we are hopeless and pathetic and all the rest (including unlikable). But each of us is special in our own way, and I mean that sincerely, not to sound trite.

Thirdly, I do understand your thoughts. I have a pretty restricted life right now and not one close friend anymore irl. So, you are not alone. There are a lot of us out there.

You are not unlikable just for being you, thats what makes you the person you are, an individual. We are all different, thank goodness, else it'd be a pretty mundane existance. I'm sorry you feel so bad about yourself, but hey - we're all in this together! :grouphug:


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Eagles fan, you are by no means an asshole, you are a kind, intelligent individual, and you seem to be pretty clued up I must say. I would consider it an honour to meet you in real life, it could only benefit me. Sadly there are too many people who are so full of pain and self doubt, that they let it cloud over who they really are. If people could be patient with you, and took the time to get to know you, as the people on this forum have, then they woud see what a good person you are, its not your fault you have issues, everyone has their demons, their great battle to fight. I dont really know you that well, but I can say that you are not as bad as you think you are, you are just in pain, there is a good person under all that darkness. If you ever want to talk or vent, I am here, we are all here for you, we know what you are going through, please let us in. Please stay strong, it would be such a loss to this world if you did anything, I know its the hardest thing in the world to do, when you have to fight this war alone, but please let us fight it with you, we are all comrades in arms in this great unending war, where the victories are few and the defeats are many. I dont really think this has helped, but dont put up a wall, theres no shame in reaching out.


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Thank you all.

You know the feeling where imaginary or real bullies that you've had are in your head, constantly putting you down? I'm going through that feeling right now. They're always there, talking shit about me, making me feel angry, and like a loser. They're being rude to me, putting me down for everything I do and getting away with it. None of it is real, but it all feels real. I feel like I need to get revenge and bully them back even though that's wrong. All the bullying is just making me feel intensely unlikeable. It just is. All of the anger is bullshit. It doesn't need to be there.

I'm just sitting here at home, but I know people don't like that. That's (I'm sorry) what a loser does in their opinion. It's ridiculous. I'm ridiculous.
I feel the same. In a different way though. I have friends. Kind of. They say they're my friends but I know each one of them secretly hates me. Doesn't like me. I don't know how to act around people. I want to be locked in my room, away from society, just in front of my computer with people who understand me. I don't know how to say things in person and it usually comes out wrong. I'm awkward, i'm shy, and I'm weird. My attempts at "being funny" always get disgusted looks, and its sad because I don't know how to be like able. I've changed myself so much for society. Put on the fake smile, shrug your shoulders, and act like you don't care. Which you do...... :(


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BrinkOfExistence: I am with what he said. I feel invisible. Even though I try to make myself visible, I tend to think that I am invisible to everyone. I feel as if I am a ghost trying to fit in with people who are alive and thinking I'm talking to them, but they aren't really listening to me.

... and when I joke around with others, they will life, but then they will likely have condescending views on me afterwards. Even if I try to be extremely friendly. :/
I know what it means to be ignored and not have friends and be hated for that thing I didn't do or "who I am" that isn't true. But to proceed with life with our emotions at least slightly in check, we only need one person we can trust out of the millions that seem to be against us. Go to someone, and allow them to get to know you. HOWEVER watch out for the gossipy types. They will twist your life's story into you being a bad person (which I am sure you are not).

Apparently I have a hit list, hate everybody, and am desperate for sex...remember...watch out for those gossipy types. And make sure you don't become one yourself. You can always rant whenever you feel like you've had enough. I normally rant on "notepad" but there are plenty of other places for you if you want.

Stay strong
I also feel unlikeable. 18 years worth of proof. Only my immediate family and grandparents probably likes me. Most of my other relatives don't even care. I know how you feel. In a world where everyone is connected, outcasts like us are not even given attention. And no matter how hard we try to change or how much we try to be achievers or the likes, nobody really cares. So in the end we might as well treat them the same way. F**K EM ALL!!!
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