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Anyone else lost a boyfriend/girlfriend to suicide??

So my boyfriend committed suicide a few weeks ago, and I don't know how to deal with it. Have any of you had a bf/gf that committed suicide???

HOw do you deal with it???


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The father of my eldest killed himself when my daugher was about 4 yrs old. I was not very close to him but hearing of his suicide really hurt me inside, as I was afraid of what consequences it might have for my daughter. I also wish, oh how I wish, that I had told him he was her dad (which I never did). It might have made a difference in his life and his decision to end his life.:sad:

I still think of it to this day, even tho it's been over 25 yrs ago...:sad:


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I haven't had a bf kill himself, but I knew someone whos bf killed himself, and she found him.

She went into therapy, and had a lot of help and support, and whilst she still misses him, she is starting to move forward.

Have you got any therapy (maybe bereavement therapy)? Or professional support?

I'm very sorry for your loss honey, I can't imagine how hard it must be but if you ever want to chat, my PM box is open.

Take care of yourself
No, I haven't. It must be hard and I can imagine the pain. I had a family member kill herself so I do know what it's like to lose someone really close to you.
Yer my brother's gf tried suicide by slitting her wrists luckly the savable way so she didnt die, my bro felt as if it was his fault because he didnt support her as her mum died but he did loads for her and in the end you can only do so much. Id just talk about it with your family or close friends don't hold it inside because it grows into self hating so just talk, tbh this is one main reason i dont want to suicide because of the after affect on my family, but i can only take so much uno lifes fucked up atm anyway hope you get thro it and take care
Yeah, I was in Grief counseling for a week, but that didn't help. I didn't find him, but I was the second person to see him (his sister was the first). I guess that's one reason it's bugging me so much. He overdosed on Heroine, and I didn't even know he was doing drugs. Kinda bugs me that I couldn't do anything about it.

It's been almost a month since his suicide, I know it will take longer, but I just wanna stop feeling like this.

I started dating another guy, which was a bad idea, because he's pretty much a man whore. And I feel bad breaking up with him.

Anywho........another day and I will freak. I feel like I should still hold on to my new boyfriend, for support, because if I lose him, I don't know what I will do.


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i met a friend that had a girlfriend who committed suicide. she was madly in love with him. but he always tells me he had no control or and feels no guilt. i wish you had his abilities. he's a player.
I am so sorry.
I have had a girlfriend that killed herself..
The topic should be here somewhere..
I know it is hard to deal with.
Its something a lot of us have to deal with it.
Its hard I know but dont let it get to you Please dont.
Cuz then well yeah im not gonan say but yeah.
Dont give up on love or anything though cuz of it..
Life is Life and in life Shit happens...

Pm me or something get ahold of me if u ever need to talk
Ok I help people all the time..
Im never to busy to chat with someone but to busy to come to this site..
So my boyfriend committed suicide a few weeks ago, and I don't know how to deal with it. Have any of you had a bf/gf that committed suicide???

HOw do you deal with it???
I had a boyfriend who attempted suicide every other week, but it had nothing to do with real desire to die.
I know he actually did something really bad to himself after I broke up (I'm not a bitch, I broke up because he constantly abused me and beaten me up), but I'm not sure how serious it was. I think he chose time that his parents could find him.
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My boyfriend committed suicide last august.. I found him hanging. I lost my home, my step-daughter, my life, everything. I know how you feel. It must get better but I don't know how.

Love nowhere xx

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So my boyfriend committed suicide a few weeks ago, and I don't know how to deal with it. Have any of you had a bf/gf that committed suicide???
This is the one immoveable object I can't figure out a way around re: killing myself. I have a wife and a son. I want to die, yet must admit I can't see any way their life would improve with my passing.

So I compromise and do everything I can subconsciously to destroy myself in the eyes of my employer, my friends (the one or two I have left), and my family. A quick death would be much cleaner, since sometimes I feel like I'm drowning in mud. :dry:
this is my first post here. ive just found this site today....

I had a boyfriend who committed suicide. i know how devastating it is to go thru, in my case he shot himself while i was on the phone to him :( it was nearly 3 years ago now and the pain is still raw as ever and well i dont really know what to say at the moment.

But if u ever need to chat PM me its a tough journey.

Oh and def get rid of "the new guy" i to started seeing sumone a month after my bf died and i wasnt so smart and ended up pregnant to a jerk :(

anyway im about if u wanna chat
Yes i know how you feel, my boyfriend commited suicide 6 weeks ago and i dont know how to deal with it either. He hung himself in our home when i was sleeping. it was horrible. I never saw this coming i feel like so lost now, like what am i going to do? I want to be with him so badly but i dont want to go to the extent to kill myself and i wont. Thoughts of him consume me everyday all day, guilt, love, memories, dreams, hopes, failures...so many things i just cant escape. I dont have any advice for you i just wanted to let you know im going through the same thing..and its the most painful thing i've ever had thrown at me.
about two weeks ago, my boyfriend had committed suicide,<mod edit- methods>. I had talked to him five minutes before he had done it. I know he didn't plan it and that's what scares me. We were in a fight about some stupid relationship stuff. I had hung up the phone on him. he called me 23 times. I can't feel anything but guilt. everything I do makes me think of him. he treated me so well and he was the first guy I actually wanted to be with and fell in love with. everyone says "he should have just picked up the phone and called someone"; and he did, he called me. but I didn't answer. I'm told that its not my fault and not to feel guilty but I can't help it. I'm a total wreck and am in pain every single second of my life. I am in therapy but it doesn't help. This is especially hard because I have tried to commit suicide and he was the one who gave me confidence in myself to get back on my feet. I feel hopeless and horrible and guilty and I don't know what to do with myself anymore.
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The same thing happened to me, may of 2007. My bf also<mod edit - methods>in our pool house while I was sleeping. I'm still in grief.. Do you feel any better?
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I had a very close friend commit suicide - not a partner as we are both guys - He decided do go in a dramatic and public way - it was in the late 80's, the peak of the Citizens Band radio craze - we were chatting on air with others 'on the side' - four of us all together plus any others who did not mike up but were listening - Anyway "Captain Over" (His handle (un) not his real name) keyed his mike and as we were chatting he revved his engine and with a screech of tyres shot forward - he said goodbye and after some dead modulation his signal ceased as did he we were later to find out - the police report was he was found in his car at the bottom of the cliff top he was parked on - the fence was no match for a vehicle - I still have nightmares about it to this day & always wonder if there was anything I could have done to prevent it


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it was 4 years ago on the 5th of this month when i got the call telling me my kids mother had died from suicide.... i lost my kids soon after because of severe drug and alcohol use, i wanted to die... things havent changed for me what so ever, do i care? not really, so i understand your pain and suffering... i am living in darkness now, embracing it, dwelling in it... i am sick and mentally damaged, not sure what comes next...

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