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    ...have that issue where everyone thinks you hate them?

    WTF :eek:hmy: I'm not particularly unkind, but so many people come to me asking me if I dislike them.


    I go out of my way to be nice to people who seem to think I don't like them, and they still come at me with a child-like "Do you hate me?"-whine.

    This happens mostly IRL, and even a bit online. :dry:

    I'm not sure why; in fact, I have no clue. I'm not rude. I'm not unreceptive. I'm not unapproachable or anything like that. People don't have a problem walking up to me and saying "hello," but they appear to struggle with my stance regarding them after we've connected (and only after we've connected. That's right - people wait until I've SHOWN them that I LIKE them by becoming CLOSE TO THEM to ask me if I'm not fond of them).

    If one more person asks me if I don't like them I think I'll, uh, rawr, :censored: :tantrum:

    Maybe I need to start groveling at people's feet? :unsure: :help:
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    <3 :laugh: I'm around, chica.
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    hmmmm .. not sure mate. This wouldn't happen for no reason, so either it's the people you come into contact with, or something about yourself that you don't realise. As I don't know you in person I can't answer the question. It could be the way you (unintentionally) come across to people. Maybe you say things that could upset people but as far as you're concerned they're perfectly okay .. ummm not quite sure.