anyone ever get that feeling?

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    that everything you just gets stringed out and put on to a rope?

    or the feeling your fiance is cheating on you sorta just want to come home early with your gun... special a count of the last time you talked to her was before you left and was oh idk 6am this morning you went to a memorial for your family member who just past that gets over you text her 45 times over 5 hours dose'nt reply you call her dose'nt pick up you leave voice mails then of chorse to make the day even better you call your friend up see if hes herd anything and pulls out his knife stabs you in the heart by asking you qwestins that he already knows the answers to like are cheating on her? no i love her were getting married.... have ever hurt her never hit her let alone never hit a female never will if i ever hurt her ill give you the gun.... then you say one thing and he starts yelling at you for 30mins... then when you leave and go home shes not there no note nothing... when out your razor blade get ready to cut then she calls saying oh sorry my phone was off.... ill be home tommarrow... where are you? my moms house alright baby i love you bye... she oh yah bye.... she texts you 10mins later im going to the bar tonight gonna go hang with the girls and there husbands so you ask what bar she says idk ill call you when i get there 4 hours go by still no call.... alittle pissed off... scarred shes cheating the fact is i love her with all my heart id do anything for her.... if she is and i fine out im either a.gonna cut my arm to hell and back... b.take him down with me.c. of wait she called looks like she already went to the bar and left thanks for calling me babe!! yeh im haveing a really bad day on top of it i spend my last bit of money on her and im out of smokes yay me... yay! i had the best day ever :sad: im sad im depressed...

    most of all im hurt thanks babe i love you....:unsure: of what to do alittle help please? i got that feeling it was a bad day!!!