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Anyone ever pray to die?

Since I would never commit suicide for fear of going to hell in addition to destroying my family, most nights when I cannot sleep, and there are many, I pray that I will die. I mean, seriously as much as I love my family and I have it all, I hate the way I am ‘living’...I swear if I got a disease I wouldn’t even treat it. My autoimmune disease is already killing me in some ways, just not fast enough. Anyone else just waiting for a natural end....


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I went through a period in my life when I did pray to die. I would not end my life for the same reasons as you have. Right now my life is pretty good. I feel pretty good and there are things in life that I enjoy. Perhaps some time in the future you will feel the same way.


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Yes. I pray to die peacefully in my sleep. Only there is no such thing. Well there is an article about how painful death is in our sleep. But I think it is a biased report, to deter suicide.
Pretty much. I always fantasize about dying in my sleep or having an accident that kills me instantly. Every day I tell myself I’m a day closer to my grave. It’s no way to live.


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i have no reason to truly feel the way i really feel, which is yes i wish to die one way or another after whether it be natural or suicide death is just an end, its just a matter of time rather than of morals. well more of in my case i have left around dare i say 50 - 75% self hate. the only problem is i'm one of those ppl who remember every single damn thing they did wrong which constantly haunts my conscience+my paranoia + adhd+ and may be borderline psychosis. if it wasn't for these 4 i rlly wouldn't wish to die.


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I have done that many times. But I always doubt why because it's not likely to happen, I'm physically sick but not on my deathbed. Tonight I wish I was.


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I would also want to be gone, for death to just happen naturally, bc the way im living rn is worse than death im sure and its only suffering and pain and worrying

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