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Anyone find that nutrition makes a difference?

This may sound silly, but I find that what I eat makes an overall difference in my suicidal feelings. Yesterday, I ate like crap and now feel like crap and am having the ‘thoughts’ again. Whereas yesterday, after having eaten well the day before, I was relatively enthusiastic (for me anyways), got errands done, was thinking relationally, etc. I am on an every other schedule it seems of feeling poorly then good. It’s weird.....thanks.


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Yes, Nutrition is one of the major factor for good health. Some say that it is more important than exercise also. They say , for good health, 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. However, exercise is also important. Good nutrition accompanied by exercise is necessary for both physical and mental health. So take care of your nutrition. Reduse your consumption of fatty, fried, spicy food. Reduce your consuption of fast food. Try to eat more fruits and vegetables. Try to eat whole grains. Try to eat nuts etc.


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YES. I won't go into any rules one should follow because that's not how nutrition works... but taking care of your diet somehow makes a huge difference in mental health, more than people would like to admit. We know what we gotta do, but usually don't, for various reasons. Don't neglect yourselves. ♡

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