Anyone hate their relationship?

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    Just curious if anyone does? Sometimes it's so frustrating to the point where I don't need nor want it. The problem is when it gets bad elements of the good parts are brought into the arguments, which to me just means that during those good times there is a level of distaste hidden underneath. Which makes me believe it's not good times it's "enduring" times. Which then makes me care less about those "good" times when the crop up again because the possiblity it will just be used in an argument again and that my partner doesnt see them as good just doesnt make it worth while for me.

    So basically any normal relationship? I am so fucking fed up with this circle of shit. It's new things but the same circle.
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    I hated the relationship I was in towards the end of my time with ex. We used to go in circles, fight, break up, make up, be happy for a while, fight, break up, make up, etc., and it drove me crazy. I know that the breaking up was mostly my fault (in that I was the one who broke it off every time) but the reasons for why were (mostly) his. It got to the point that I hated talking to him, hating coming online and seeing him there, hated everything about our relationship and how miserable it was making me, so in the end we broke up indefinately and now it's been almost seven months since we were together. I'm lonely, but a lot happier than I was (although still not quite happy), so it was the best outcome in the end, at least for me (and probably him too).

    I get what you mean about the whole "good things not really being that good" in regards to your partner perhaps glossing over how much she enjoys the good times you share. Maybe you need to sort out your problems; ask her what's so bad about the good times you share, see if you can change the things you both do in your spare time to make it more enjoyable for the both of you. Or perhaps she really does enjoy the good times you have, and just uses them as ammo against you when she's angry because she knows it hurts? I'm not sure.. but it sounds like you need to communicate a bit more about this, at a time when you're both calm and relaxed.
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    The one relationship I really really hated wasn't exactly normal and illegal for that matter so I'll leave that one out.

    Though there was one relationship I had with a girl who was the clingy jealous type.
    She was a nice girl at first but after two years of having deal with emotional blackmail and consent accusations of being unfaithful etc, I had well and truly had enough.