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Anyone have a problem with gluten??

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Hi, I have been recovered from mia for about a year and part of the reason I was able to finally recover after countless unsucessful attempts over the years was due to linking a sensitivity to gluten to keeping my mia going. I am not saying everyone who has an ED has a sensitivitiy to gluten but I thought my experiences might help someone.

I am not coeliac and didnt even test positive for gluten intolerance. However, someone I was seeing for another health problem about 18 months ago suggested that I look at how much gluten I was eating and seeing if cutting down on it could help with this health issue and recovery generally. I realised that I was eating gluten up to six times a day (in cereal,bread,biscuits,and pasta) and when I cut it down to twice a week, recovery, for me, became a real possibility, very quickly, I couldnt believe it.

At first, I didnt want to give up my beloved bread and biscuits but slowly, over time, I discovered that only certain types of bread and cakes were a problem, not all breads and cakes and that also I could have some gluten, just not every day and not in the vast quantities I had been having it.

It might be worth looking at, for some people. I never had a problem with chocolate, sweets, ice cream (they were never my binge foods) but I always had problems with chocolate biscuits, ice cream with biscuit mixes in them etc.
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