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anyone have advice to help me out of my situation?

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So i dated this girl for 2 and a half years. she helped me out of my depression that i had been in since my father died. i was 9 when he died and i dated her from when i was 14 to 17. She cheated on me 3 months ago and we broke up that was the end of my junior year in high school. during the summer i spent too much money on marijuana and alcohol. when senior year started 5 days ago i sobered up for the most part. i saw and had sex with my ex during that time i was feeling like superman while she was with me, before she left she told me she had a boyfriend i felt like dying .thats only 2 months since we broke up. i feel like dying right now. why cant i get over this slut she used to be my best friend id die for now i dont know how can i get over her. I cant sleep and cant enjoy my senior year because of this im a shy kid because of whats happened to me. Any Advice to get over a cheating ex like this is appreciated


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This sounds so rough...my main advise it to find the strength within yourself...if she was able to help you out of your depression, you have the resources to do so...speak to someone, and see what help is available...can you talk to your parents, or some other trusted adult about this? Please let us know how it is going...J


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Greetings!! :)

I don't have any advice unfortunately, but I'd like to extend a warm welcome to you! :welcome:

Take care,

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the best thing you can do is to take some time for yourself and give yourself time to heal dont hate yourself for making a few mistakes because we have all been there.dont torture yourself because of the why she has chosen to act she is in the wrong here not you.
things like this happen, be glad you're done with it. shake the dust off and get back in there and date new women. she is not as special as you think she is.
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