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Anyone have experience with Domestic Violence Services?

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Hi all

I'll soon be meeting with a domestic violence service after being referred to them by police.
I am familiar with a little they offer but I'm really unsure how they can help me

If you have had a caseworker ffrom a service like this would you mind sharing how they helped you or how they may be able to help a typical person facing these things?

Will I have a choice in what I agree to and don't.. ? (MARAC meetings, things like that?)
Anything else you can tell me about your experiences with them?
I really hope it's ok to post this here. I just saw this board and thought It was worth asking. I'm finding it all so daunting to be under them but I know it's for the best.



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Hello Cloudy.

I’m ever so sorry to see that you require these services in the first place, but am glad you reached out for support and advice. You’re more than welcome to post this here and it’s always worth asking if you’re unsure of something.

Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of knowledge about this subject, and any I do have would be of local services to me so probably irrelevant; but I wanted to just let you know that we are all here to support you through this. I’m sure someone who knows more will spot this and be along shorty with some actual advice.



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Thanks So much Karmitkurmit


My assessment is on the 20th I believe. I'll see how it goes.....
Yes, no worries. I'm sure someone will in time. I suppose I have a basic understanding but you know....nerves...argh..

Thanks for replying

Hugs back



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I think that if it is determined that your case needs to be part of a MARAC meeting, that is something that will happen with or without you choosing it (though they can't make you go). What things do you not want to do/agree to? I would be good to have that clear in your head and the reasons for it before you go in so you don't end up in a position you don't want to be in.


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Thanks Freya

That's what I was wondering. If they could override my decision on whether or not I have these multi agency meetings set up
The support I'm looking for from them is to back me up so I can relocate
(Having major issues with that) as It's been deemed I have no evidence of dealing with domestic. So they agreed to work with me, but what i'm worried about is things such as.... if I report (anything) will they override my decision on whether or not to prosecute... whether or not to monitor/contact other professionals and so on.
i'm worrying about things like that. My main need is practical help but I have a niggling worry i'm going to end up with all kinds, including courts, involved.
Thank you for replying.

My friend had a DV counselor who she liked. I think a lot of DV counselors have also been through DV themselves, so I think it helps if they can really relate like that


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Hi Cloudy1 and welcome to SF. I am so sorry u are going through this. I have been through it in the US, but I am not familiar with how it works anywhere else. I wish that I could be of more help to u.

I know it is all so scary. I am so glad that u are getting help with this, it is so important that u are not isolated and just having to deal with it all by yourself. U are doing the right thing and I don't believe that u will ever regret leaving this kind of a situation. Most of us have a very hard time dealing with why we stayed for so long when we finally get away. It takes a while sometimes for it to really sink in how bad it was for a lot of us. Unfortunately, when in the midst of it, a lot of us minimized how awful things really were. I think that it is really important to get counseling to help make sure u are never in this kind of situation again. I know that I said it would never happen again, but unfortunately it did, which is not uncommon.

I am in a state address confidentiality program. I feel like it saved my life because even tho he got in trouble and went to jail for abusing me, he then started stalking me and it was very scary. I don't know if they have a program like that where u are, but hopefully they do if u need it. I wish u all the best and I hope everything gets better for u. We are always here for u. <3
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