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Anyone have problems with motivation?

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I sure do. I really don't want to be considered a lazy person though. From the perspective of a depressed person, it seems to make everything seem like a huge task even if it is just writing a paper. I really need some help getting motivated. Any ideas?

I just want to be the type of person that works hard to get what they want. I need to know how to do that. :cry:


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Ohhhh yes. Part of my problem of motivation is that I assume I won't be able to do something right, that I don't know what to do yet. I'll do it later when it comes naturally, or something.

Other times, I get manic and try to do everything at once, grind myself into the ground, under the assumption that I won't be able to do it later. I won't be capable. The stars won't align correctly.

So I think this is a self-feeding cycle for me: I expect myself to be all-or-nothing, and if I can't DO all, I resort to nothing. Is yours similar?



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It is defineately similar in the fact that I assume I won't do something right. When I think about writing papers for school, I am just reminded that I know that I am not a good writer and anything I can think of will sound completely horrible. I am more of the type of person that works on something for ten minutes, gets discouraged, and then tries again later. Or I will wait until the last minute, which usually makes things worse.


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I agree with the discouragement part as well...

Though at times, when doing long papers, I want to keep going, but it's just like I can't concentrate even when I do get started. Sometimes it's just the idea of having to write really makes me lose motivation...


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Motivation is so had to gather, getting up, eating, looking after myself generally, all seems like too much effort, fruitless. I rarely do any uni work until the last minute when i try and use panic and it's necessitiy to kick myself into doing it... would rather just lie in bed for a few months though, that'd make it all so much easier.


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I've lost all motivation for uni :'(
The one thing that i had as a future, something to look forward to, a career. In my third year and i'm sat here with 4 big assignments to get done before
22nd of Dec. My friend (drug related anxiety and depression) recommends doing push ups in the morning. Ha! can't even be arsed eating.
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