Anyone here have Scitzophrenia?

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by gag, Nov 1, 2007.

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  1. gag

    gag Well-Known Member

    I think I might be developing it, I'm 17, and I've got almost all of the symptoms.

    At times (today in school for instance) I just get a sudden change of personality out of the blue and don't know what to do with myself, when this happens all I really want is to be alone.
    My personality in general has changed over the last 6 or 7 months, lately I always act hostile towards my family too, my mother especially (which I feel like an asshole about), I feel like she's nagging me whenever we talk. I've also lost any motivation to do well in school or other activities, I feel nihilistic most times, not really caring about much of anything, with the exception of when I get mood swings (if that's what you want to call it) which usually only last a couple hours in total, but when I have them I feel paranoid, confused, basically I have no idea how to act or interact with and around people.

    Then at other times I act overly hyper and joyful, which I don't mind, but it's very out of character for me, seeing as to how I'm usually a fairly quite.
    When that happens I'll talk to someone I don't even know, or speak to anyone without even thinking first (I almost always think before I speak).

    My sleep patterns are messed up too, I always feel resteless, and when I do sleep I can sleep for the majority of the day.
    I also drink frequentley (according to my pediatrition I'm an alcoholic), and I use drugs (weed for the most part, I occasionally do shrooms, nothing heavy), and from what I hear that can increase your chances of getting Scitzophrenia.

    I've looked around on the net and I think I could be in the early stages, I hope not though, I'm afraid if I get it people will treat me differently, in fact I know they will.
    I don't want everyone to have a different opinion of me or to think I'm a lunatic, if you're Scitzophrenic or if you know anything about the disease can you give me your opinion? It'd be appreciated, thanks.
  2. pickle

    pickle Guest

    Self diagnosis is never sensible. Your subconscious can morph to fit the symptoms of whatever you think you have, which can mask the real symptoms. So my best advice is to go the doctor, who will be able to refer you to someone who can help you properly and professionally.

    I know very little about schizophrenia (although someone did recently put to me I had apranoid schizophrenia, but I just dismissed that as they are not a professional or anything), however, your symptoms actually brought another illness to mind, but i'm not going to say because you knowing it won't make a difference to know. Either way you still need to see a doctor.

    There is a big stigma attached to mental illness, however times are changing and as people are becoming more educated, the stigma is not as bad as it has been, plus, with medication, most conditions can, at the very least, be controlled, so that it only effects the way people view you if you choose to tell them.

    The doctors really is the best place to go, with a view to seeing a psychiatrist or someone else in the mental health profession. Good luck :)
  3. gag

    gag Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I do plan on seeing a doctor about it, just looking for some input first is all.

    Just curious, what was the illness you had in mind?
  4. pickle

    pickle Guest

    It's good you are going to go to the doctor, the sooner you go, the sooner you can start to feel better. Try to beat the fear of a possible diagnosis because really, all a diagnosis is, is a way to help the docs know how to help you. Better to beat the fear and beat the illness, than live in fear and be ill for longer than you need to.

    I'm not going to say, I'm not a professional, so I could send you on a wild goose chase, plus, I am sure there are many possible things it might be.
  5. ----

    ---- Guest

    All the 'symptoms' you've described sound like a healthy adolescent.
  6. gag

    gag Well-Known Member

    Not really.
    When I say my personality changes I don't mean I just feel a bit different, I feel like I'm tripping out on drugs or something, when I'm not.

    Have you ever had a bad shroom trip? That's the best I can compare it too.
  7. incognito

    incognito Well-Known Member

    Schizophrenia is different from dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality disorder), which sounds more like what you're referring to; though, it doesn't sound like you have DID either. :unsure:
  8. Ziggy

    Ziggy Antiquitie's Friend

    I had a mate who was schizophrenic and your symptoms seem very different from his. Still you can't judge these things by comparing yourself with another person or from what you read on the web, only choice is a doctor I guess.
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