Anyone here like me?

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Seems almost every few months I ask this question but yeah... insecurities and all that shite. I currently feel like, well, nothing, tbh. I've been doubting a lot recently who my real friends are, and also become suspitious of friendships wondering if people put up with me just because they feel the need to do so. Meh.Anyway, does anyone here *truely* like me?


i think you know my answer to that question, i love you to bits, you are an amazing friend :hug::hug::hug::hug::hug:


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i think you know my answer too!!!Big hugs sorry you feel like you do.i know how terrible it is when you feel insecure.i'll never know how you feel when you experience these feelings but i often feel similar too.i often feel insecure.i know you find it hard but i do genuinely like you and beleive me i wouldnt post to you and say it if i didnt.Ask people in my outside life!!i have quite a reputation for being blunt with my words unfortunately when i feel like it!!And i simply wouldnt be posting on your thread if i didnt like you.Trust me.i understand you needing re-assurance hun.And i will always be here to give it.i know you find it so hard to believe the words i speak probably cos of the negative you feel/see in yourself and i can understand that if/when people feel so low about themselves then that process may follow.i just wish you could see in you what i see in you.i so wish that!!Big hugs if wanted hun!!!i knwo its hard for you hun and this is not a criticism at all.Well its certainly not meant as one lol!!.i just always hope there will come a day when you will find my words at leasst easier to believe.......i hope you come to see hte good etc in yourself and all that you do for others.i think this may be a long journey.i am embroiled in similar myself i feel sometimes.But i hope ylou get there,you are a very special person.Believe my words or not but i will always think that!!i care about you hun.Hugs.Please try and look after yourself as much as possible and stay safe.

Take care and best wisehs for now


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I've been here for over a year, but I still barely know anyone here. :sad:
But the time I've been here, I can tell you are a very sweet, kind, gentle, caring person. :smile:
Its just sad that other external forces have to treat you like crap, you certainly don't deserve any of it and I hope you can survive it and become a stronger person for it.
You are a sweetie for sure!!!! SF woiuldn't be SF without you! :hug:

I know what you mean though I go through sometimes days, weeeks, months like that, up and down I figure it's a mix of life and getting better/progress/learing new ways to live, cope and ect.

Please try and remember we all love you and are here for you, and I am back, you can PM, IM me and time! :hug: :hug: :hug:

I know it's hard to fight with feeling so aweful, and then a bit of your thinking is that way, and then you just have this little peice that you have to let grow. there is a little peice of us that knows these things are not so, mental illness is a hard disease, but yoiu can make it, I know you can, and I am your friend hun........I wuv you.

:hug: :rose:

With love and hugs forever,
Thankyou. :hug: Kath, I fail to see the goodness in me, as you do to yourself. Maybe one day it will slap us in the forehead and we will realise it, but I'm almost certain that won't happen to me. I don't see the goodness in me, the only thing I want to do is to help people, but I can't even do that because my concentration has gone out the window. I need sleep, but I struggle so hard to get any. This is going off on a tangent but I just wanted to get to the point that I feel so useless and unimportant I don't deserve friends and I feel like I should be left alone and I can be so niave sometimes, I think people are friends when in reality they ain't which is why I posted this topic.

I wanted to know if people put up with me and PM me or talk to me on messengers because they feel the need to do so. If people replied and told me that they couldn't give two craps about me then I'd take it, because to be honest I thought that's what people would think, some people on this forum are probably thinking it anyway and I wouldn't hold it against them.

Anyway, thanks for your replies. :hug:
I most certainly do hun. I think you are an amazing young person with so many good things to offer. I wish you were able to see just how much you are loved hun. So yes. Definitely, yes. :rose: :hug:
hey resistance, i dont really know you that well as iv only been here for about a month now, but i have to say i can cerainly see why your are liked alot on SF, i respect and admire you for what you've done here, you've helped alot of people, and from what iv seen of your post's its very well constructed and is usually in an amazing way that i would of never been able to explain, you have a wonderful way with words and i think its bloody fantastic! and of course i like you, i also respect and admire your wisdom and knowledge, i have no reason to dis like you and i doubt enyone else here does aswell. But i can completely understand why you feel insecure about this, i tend to question what the people around me really want, i constantly feel that im being used by people so i can completely understand why you feel like this. I would say im pretty honest and i would not say something if i didnt believe it, but i do believe you are a fantastic person, and as you said maybe one day it will slap you and kath on the forehead, you and kath feel the need to question what people really think of you, which is completely understandable, but as i have said to kath before i wouldn't say this if i didnt mean it, kath what i think of her shes fantastic and means a hell of alot to me, you and her are fantastic what both of you do here is very admirable and i respect that, and if i can be half the person you and kath are as individuals then at least iv done something positive with my life.


I know what you mean Resistence. And I like you, but I don't know if you want someone like me as a friend, I'm pretty boring, heh. But there are alot of people who care.


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Dear Resistance;

What's not to like?? For all that I know you only via the net, I've not found anything in your posts/replies that I didn't like. I like you just fine. You seem to be a kind and caring person and you give compassionate and intelligent responses. As I said, what's not to like??:smile:

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