Anyone here participated in Research Study and/or clinical trial(s)?

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    I've seen & heard the ads over the years, and didn't qualify. A large university where i live is conducting a research study on bipolar depression which i may qualify for. Free investigational medication, doctors visits and financial compensation. Just wondering; I've been a lab rat for years, but I (my insurance) actually has always paid in the past. Might be interesting to turn the tables & get paid to be an experiment for once:tongue:. A friend is in a clinical trial involving cancer, but the deal is, he doen't get to be informed of the results. Seems odd, but then again if the big drug co.'s are involved, they'd want participants to sign off so they wouldn't have to risk another pesky lawsuit...
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    hey where do they do these? uk?
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    ...this one's in a city in the mid west, US. But I've read about clinical trials/research studies in the UK. From the little I know, UK is ahead of the states as far as medical research/treatment. As well as the rest of Europe, notably Italy. I have nothing to back this up or show proof; it's an opinion, from random reading over the years.
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    Yeah with various eating disorder clinics.

    The last one though was pathetic and was done by my CBT psychologist who is some top academic. In fact all the people who work at that clinic are supposed to be top academics. I could see through all of his questions, they were obviously assessing me for some personality disorder within a very strict psychiatric framework/perspective.
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    rojomi Banned Member ironic. The first shrink I saw after moving here was on staff w/ the university physicians group that is conducting the study on bipolar depression. she was a piece of work! i arrived early as i knew there would be paperwork for a new patient. Paperwork? it was a novel w/ fill in the blank spaces. She was annoyed that i hadn't had time to complete her novel,(questionnaire). she then proceeded to diagnose me w/ an eating disorder, which i don't have. my weight is proportionate to my height and i don't binge or eat compulsively. nor do i fit any profile for any eating disorder. I was there to be assessed for bipolar disorder. She barked what my treatment plan was to be. There was NO discussion. And the look-she was a 50 something former sex goddess dressed in a tight green mini glitter dress, green glitter spike heels with more make-up on than a street whore.
    i decided not to re-schedule.