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Anyone Immune to Antidepressants?

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by Cronus, Sep 1, 2016.

  1. Cronus

    Cronus Member

    Please excuse me for my absolutely newbie thoughts here on anti-depressants but I've never personally thought they actually do anything. Now to say this I'm sure is absolutely ridiculous because there is a bunch of science in this field proving they work etc, plus, I've never tried them before so how should I know?

    A while back I read the following statement and I JUST CAN NOT relate to it:

    "Although it’s a little spooky to think about, it is essential to start with the biology: a realization that you are nothing more than a complex machine made of meat. Fleshy chunks, tubes, hormones and electrical signals are the underlying stuff that powers your deepest insights and emotions. So, in much the same way that fear is just a chemical, so happiness is mostly a squirt of Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and maybe a few Endorphins. If you’ve ever consumed mood-altering drugs including caffeine or alcohol, or found yourself in an inexplicably bad (or good) mood, you have already felt these things in action."

    The last sentence is especially unrelatable to me because I have never randomly found myself in a good or bad mood before. I've been depressed most of my life (you wouldn't know it though from the way I act in front of others, I'm good at hiding it) but not due to randomness, specifically due to issues. If these issues were fixed then I'd be perpetually happy.

    Now onto the concept of taking a "happy pill"... I just don't see how it would work for me. I haven't been told to take one or anything, it's just the concept of taking a pill to balance out chemicals in my brain to make me feel happy sounds ridiculous. Chemicals aren't what make me happy and sad, I'm not happy one day and sad another unless issues have come up or been solved.

    Anyone here got more to say on this? Anyone immune to pills meant to alter your mood? Anyone got experience on what it's like to take pills and become happy for (what I call) "No Reason"? If I took a pill I don't believe it would do absolutely anything to my mood because my mood is completely determined by situations/issues.

    Thanks in Advance for your replies on this :)
  2. Briezy

    Briezy Well-Known Member

    Well in some ways I agree with you and in there I disarmgree. These pills that people are put on do help some people. For those select few the depression that they are are feeling and in fact the extremes manic happiness they feel can be completely chemical induced by your brain. It is over foreign and being over stimulated offering you crazy thoughts that go through your head. Now the drugs are there to either ski down how much of the Kat hormone is being produced or amp up how much is being produced. This balances out the chemicals in your brain to get you back to homeostasis or the middle ground. On the other hand some people just have really crappy things happen to them which cause them to feel depressed or suicidal. Some people just need to change their environment in order to feel back to normal.

    For me I have gone through so many medications and medication conbiations that even the psychiatrists just let ok at me when I tell them it's not working with dumbstruck eyes. They follow that look up with a well I don't know what to try next. So some may say that I am immune to anti depressants. Some may say that I am untreatable. It is all a balanacing act.

    Who knows the meds may be the one thug that allow you to live a happy normal life but they again they may not.