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Anyone in Chicago?

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I didn't know which section to post this in.

I live in Chicago and I'm looking to possibly meet some new people. I know I don't really post here so nobody knows much about me, but I've busy with school. I promise I'm not a creepy person, though! (Isn't that what creepy people always say? :P)

I love to help others, I love being the one that people rely on. I know it may sound a bit weird because usually people shy away from people who have heavy, deep issues. But not me! I'm the opposite.

I'd love to be a counsellor when I'm done with school.

I mean, I'm not looking for a patient or anything. I'd love to meet friends, and if the friend has problems then I'd love to help. Simple as that.

The person does not have to even live in Chicago actually, but somewhere remotely close so there's a chance of meeting if we are compatible.

About me - I'm 22, female, originally from Sweden. I study at a college downtown and I love to travel... I'm an INFJ, in case anyone here is into MBTI.

Thanks for reading!

(And, of course, anyone is free to talk to me, not only people in or close to Chi!)
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