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Anyone in Ga area

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hello all im new here and have posted a couple of times i just rushed in without saying hello sorry i had a lot on my mind...well hello everyone haha anyway i was wondering if there was anyone in the Georgia area anyway hope everyone is doing good and big hugssss
Hi there... just so you know... over a year and 4000 over posts later I have never made a welcome thread... and so if I made one now I dont really think it would be a 'welcome' thread hahaha... so really, better a little late than very late methinks. :) I'm clear out the other side of the world from Georgia, but someone here prolly will be living around that area I'd say. Hope to see you around.

Hey, welcome to SF :)

I'm not from Georgia - am from the UK..

Glad you're with us, and are joining our very friendly community of folks here :)

Take care, and hope to see you around sometime!

Lol i never made a welcome thread either.

Ello and welcome to SF :smile:

Im from London :smile:

Hope to see you around the forum some more

:welcome: to SF. I am not near the GA area either, but I am closer than the rest of these guys. At least I am from the USA. It is good to see you around. I do have relatives in Savannah, though. :hug:
hey everyone thanks for writing back some may be far some may be closer than others but hopefully some of you will enter my heart and we will become good friends... its good to know people here care and we all have similar issues if anyone would like to chat just pm me :) im always up for making new friends and maybe some new family members hope everyone is well and safe *big hugs to all
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