Anyone looking for a job?

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by HomerSimpson, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. HomerSimpson

    HomerSimpson Well-Known Member

    You know I am not sure which is more depressing, looking for a job or not having a job. I mean when you are out there looking you realize that there is nothing out there so I get more depressed doing that than just sitting at home doing nothing.
  2. Kiba

    Kiba Well-Known Member

    I understand what you mean.. I also hate the fact that job sites make you bull shit ur way into any job nowadays.. They rather hire ppl who can "do the job better" then work with existing employe's.. It is rather depressing looking for one... But I hope you can find something if even in the meantime.. :hug:
  3. TheBLA

    TheBLA The biggest loser alive.

    I was fired two months ago from my job due to a mistake I made. I live with my parents so I have it pretty easy, don't really have to worry about money. The problem is that after these two months, I've gotten used to staying at home and doing nothing, lol. My dad is pressuring me to get a job, but I don't blame him. My problem is that I'd rather just leech off my parents for as long as I could, waste my life on the TV and computer like I already have. I've actually ruined my life because of my addictions. I've been spoiled and pampered rotten by them, I am very dependent on them. If they forced me to get out and fend for myself years ago, I'd be a strong, normal person like everyone else. :sad:

    Even though I am starting to get bored at home, I am still dreading the prospect of looking for a job again and working. I am supposed to go on a vacation soon for a while, and after coming back, for my dad and me to look for another job. See how weak and pathetic I am? I don't even want to look for a job proactively, but rather to get my dad off my back. No wonder I have no goals, dreams, hopes, etc. I just want to get another job to shut my dad up, lol. I am always afraid of change and hopefully when I get another job, I will feel better. I sure hope so, I am pessimistic for the future. :nerves:
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  4. toopainfultolive

    toopainfultolive Well-Known Member

    Unsurprisingly, I feel the same. Once I got used to sitting at home and doing nothing, it's even harder to get my ass off the couch and look for a job. All that time wasted and my parents' complaints, just makes me sink deeper into this dark hole. I keep thinking, 'I'll feel better once I find a job.' but it just push me more into depression everytime the interviews went badly. Now I'm just waiting for those love calls and heaving myself off to the rotten job centers in the hope of finding one. Day after day,its an endless cycle. :argh:
  5. Autumn01

    Autumn01 Well-Known Member

    I finally found a job a month ago after having been unemployed for 2 yrs. So there's hope for you guys. I totally hate the job though- it's so exhausting, I'm not getting any sleep, I'm miserable and I've become even more depressed from it. I want to give my notice so extremely bad but I'm not having any luck finding a replacement job.
  6. HomerSimpson

    HomerSimpson Well-Known Member

    Yeah, that is just as depressing and as bad. You find a job and you are totally miserable from it making you even more depressed. It is just and endless cycle.
  7. justMe7

    justMe7 Well-Known Member

    I've been out of work for so long, getting crap work from agencies. I feel so bad and worthless at work, tired when i get home, and i dont sleep enough. At the sametime I also keep the best parts of me alive and awake, but it's a struggle. Trying to hold onto the understanding that anything is possible and not accepting these shit jobs as my reality forever is a challenge. The jobs are morally crushing for me, but they pay the bills. And when I'm out of work, I feel useless which literlaly undoes any progress I make emotionally and mentally because I feel im building when im not doing enough to support myself. Looking for work isn't fun... sending cv after cv out, calling people up. Blah, it's demoralising on a deep personal level. I resent selling myself even in presentation, but I've learned to disassociate from that and "accept" that this is the way things are ect. I donno. It's all shit. I'm hoping I can find something I enjoy and am good at that I can do for myself, or contract out atleast. Don't think that's going to happen though, so I've started to branch off into fields that require training and school again. There not exactly what I want to do, but the thought of them doesn't crush me atleast.

    I donno if it's the same for you, but however it goes... I know that the only part that keeps me sane through it all is that I know or am atleast aware and starting to be who I am. That comes before the shit the concept of work drops on me, cause inevitably, work can never define who you are as a person. Work is a means to an end, an extension of who you are. And even when you don't have it, it's by no means a definition of who you truly are. Yes, I won't lie, it does play a vital role in society, and applies to how we look at ourselves in comparison or as in how we survive, but it's still not the do all and end all of everything.

    LIOKRIS Active Member

    I am in this posicion also, looking for a job for months, and still nothing.
    And when I find a job I start to worry even more...
    I feel like I am the only complicated crazy person in the world...
  9. Autumn01

    Autumn01 Well-Known Member

    It is. I hope you are able to find a job soon and one that you like at that.

    I was already depressed but yea the job has only made me even more depressed.
    This job is really taking a toll on me.