Anyone not really care for their extended family?

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by SadDude87, Nov 15, 2009.

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  1. SadDude87

    SadDude87 Well-Known Member

    OK, that was probably somewhat harsh. They're always very nice to me, I'm always nice to them. But I only see these people once or twice a year. It's hard to really feel anything strong for them.

    My parents always pressure me to go down and say hello, but I often don't see the point. I don't enjoy myself down there. It is kind of selfish I guess. But I just don't see the point in what amounts to 'faking' a relationship with these people, it always feels like such an effort, I'd rather forge relationship with people I actually enjoy being around.
  2. nolonger

    nolonger Well-Known Member

    Ditto. I only like my mothers parents, they're nice :laugh:. But most of the cousins etc are annoying idiots(lol). The only people I usually do talk to are the friends and relatives that are real close to me or I've known for ages and don't actually remember becoming friends with them....:blink:
  3. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    I don't care much for them, the last time my aunt came to visit she told me to get off my medication and get a job...hmm kind of hard when I can't leave the house :mad:
    I've realised there's no point in faking a relationship or even pretending that they don't bother me, I don't think I'll be talking to her any time soon.
  4. HiddenTears

    HiddenTears Well-Known Member

    I'm the same way, only my extended family is a little more fucked up. One has been in trouble with the law for felony larceny, he has adopted kids who, no joke, seem to me like the kind of people who would go out and cause a mass shooting. (I know that sounds horrible to say, but trust me on this). I never talked to any of them, they even stole my name for one of their kids which makes me feel sick. My grandparents always choose them over me when I was young, and I used to want them around, now I don't even care if I talk to them ever again. My other side has an aunt who was heavy into drugs and I have never seen since I was about 3... But it's obvious that they don't care for me so fuck them. Also have an uncle who is in and out of my life for as long as I can remember. I don't care about anyone in my family except my mom and dad. My grandfather died last year, and I felt it was more of a pain in the ass to fly back home and go to the funeral than to just not show my respects at all. I did though for my dad, but I never shed 1 tear and I felt a little bad for that but he was never my grandfather so why should I? I have lost everyone in my life, so who cares if someone I don't even know dies.
  5. Datura

    Datura Well-Known Member

    That doesn't sound selfish to me. I too see it as being pointless to go somewhere just out of obligation and to 'keep up appearances.' I barely talk to any of my relatives, and the communication with my extended family is non-existent. So to attend holiday parties/family gatherings is senseless. They may be cordial, but that doesn't mean I want anything to do with them, so why pretend otherwise?
  6. Aurora Gory Alice

    Aurora Gory Alice Well-Known Member

    Oh my God I cannot stand 90% of my extended family and there are so bloody many of them.
  7. bubblin girl

    bubblin girl Well-Known Member

    I dont care about my extended family at all
  8. lightbeam

    lightbeam Antiquities Friend

    Neither do I.
  9. NeX_Demise

    NeX_Demise New Member

    i dont, seen them once or twice a year, usually dont even really talk with them
  10. sinnssykdom

    sinnssykdom Banned Member

    Hmm well im kind of close to my one cousin on my moms side, but to be honest he's a bit of an idiot but hes humourous to be around i suppose. He lives all the way in Hawaii though but its kind of good because any more than a week or so with him i start getting anoyed with him.... He's very immature. At first you just suck it up and get past it and then it starts getting to you, you know? and his parents(aunt and uncle) are ok.... theyre an interesting bunch but theyre nice people and probably the most liked 'family' out of my extended family. My dad's side well.... most of them i have never even met. Plus not to mention they're old, even my cousins most are old enough to my parent. Seriously, i have a cousin who is a few years younger than my mom, my whole family is just a little confusing/messed. My dad was born quite later on(not planned) so his sisters are quite a bit older so that explains the older cousins i suppose. There are one or two cousins who are quite a bit older that i dont mind... but to be honest i barely see them. For me, it's kind of the other way around, i wish i was closer with my extended family and knew/met more of them. My parents are the ones i cannot stand, they constantly talk crap about the extended family and so on and get their nose into things that has nothing to do with them and carry on about it when its really none of their business nor their problem.
  11. aoeu

    aoeu Well-Known Member

    Hate 'em.
  12. Remedy

    Remedy Chat & Forum Buddy

    I really like my uncle and I have mixed feelings about my nan... I never see anyone else I'm related to other than my parents.
  13. Reki

    Reki Well-Known Member

    I don't dislike them but I'm not that fond of them either, most of them are on hi and bye status. I used to be really fond of the kids in our family but as I got older somewhere along the way I became colder as a person and I feel silly trying to dote on them now.
  14. nagisa

    nagisa Staff Alumni

    Me! I really don't care for my extended family. Meaning my Dad's side of my family. I think they all suck, including him. :smile:
  15. Rosenrot

    Rosenrot Forum Buddy

    i hardly care about my immediate family... extended family is a whole different issue o_O
  16. corang

    corang Well-Known Member

    Most of my cousins I like a lot but some of their parents really piss me off. Alcoholism seems to run in my family so family get togethers usually involve drunken arguements and attempts at starting fist fights with eachother then they sleep over so i get to deal with them hungover too. Ill let them think im fine with them till i move out then i get to drop them from my life.
  17. morning rush

    morning rush Well-Known Member

    on my mom's side the only ones I'm close to is my grandma and uncle....on my dad's side there was only one person I was close to and it was my gramps but he passed away and since then, I dont see my extended family...

    I also have foster family...but I've decided to not see them anymore because my foster mom told me I was lazy and that I needed to get over whatever it is that keeps me from getting a's not like I chose to be ill and unable to she's a she should understand but doesnt...I cut ties with her and her grand kids I used to babysit all the time...

    I'm doing much better since I've cut ties...
  18. Stranger1

    Stranger1 Forum Buddy & Antiquities Friend

    I don't really know my extended family because we moved every two years so I never got to meet them except at family get togethors..My two aunts that I liked have both passed away..So I don't miss any of them..
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